Bangkok Apartments for rent

Bangkok Apartments for rent

Bangkok Apartments for rent are the most common form of rentals that people search for on the internet. Google trends show us the fact. It is interesting in that there is some confusion between the term condo and apartment. The difference is that the condos are individual units owned by one person . You are typically free to make a deal with that owner for the single unit, you can negotiate many things, who pays electric for example.

bangkok apartments

Bangkok Apartments


Bangkok Apartments

On the other hand Bangkok apartments for rent are rental units within one building or apartment building which is owned by one entity. That is to say the one owner owns an entire apartment building as opposed to single units. That entity could be a corporation, group or an individual.

Apartments are more rare situation in the desirable areas of Bangkok that foreigners tend to live, there you find most of the buildings are condos.

  Bangkok Apartments

Our Apartment Listings

At Bangkokfinder we did not separate out what was a Bangkok apartment or a condo , we simply list them under condo rentals since most of our clients are foreigners. Although there are a few apartment style buildings in the Sukhumvit area most are condos.

We also feel most people would like a general search , then contact one of our agents. They certainly can further explain these details.


Our data base on this web site has over 1500 listing, but we keep a in house data base of perhaps 5000 listing so I am sure if you are looking for an apartment we can find one for you.

Contact us today !
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Golf Tips | Golf Practice Routine

Golf Practice Routine

golf practice routineDedicate 90 minutes, on average, for your golf practice routine.  This will allow you to work on various aspects of your game. Focus on achieving a quality shot for each ball hit across a wide variety of clubs and shot types.  Develop  a zen discipline of your approach to shots.  Always start with a warm-up and stretching; while warming up, try to spend 3 to 5 minutes stretching and swinging two medium irons or a weighted practice club.  Limit your full swing shots to less than a half bucket of balls… 40-50 balls. Be sure to implement a consistent pre shot routine for each and every shot.. this includes practice swing, addressing, visualizing, waggles, etc.  Every time a club is swung, there should be a purpose behind it.  Passive practice will lead to passive play at game day. When hitting on the range, plan each shot with a specific, preplanned target and trajectory in mind. When possible, include practice out of rough lies and sand shots. Take the time to jot down notes.. there is something to writing and reading later that helps us retain things. Hitting each ball with 90 seconds for EACH ball struck… imagine you are out playing for each and every shot. Imagine a golf round in your session work; after warmups

Discipline Your 90 Minute Golf Practice Routine:golf practice routines

  • Stretch/Swinging two clubs (3 to 5 minutes)
  • Short irons/distance wedges (5 minutes)
  • Medium/long irons (5 minutes)
  • Progressive hitting of LW to Driver with 2 balls each (20 minutes)
  • Short irons/distance wedges (10 minutes)
  • Pitching shots (10 minutes)
  • Chipping/Putting (30 minutes)

Game Day Warm Up

Arriving 45 Minutes Prior to Tee Time

  • Ideally, it is always best to arrive early to prepare physically and mentally for the game
  • While stretching, use two medium irons
  • When hitting balls on the range, use your pre shot routine on every shot and mix up clubs on each shot; do not hit 20 balls with a driver!
  • Play the game you bring to the course; how you swing today, not how you swing in your mind

Suggested Pre-Round Warmup Routine

  • Check in (5-10 mins)
  • Stretching/swinging two clubs (3-5 mins)
  • 90 second pre shot routine setup for each shot
  • Short irons/distance wedges (3 balls)
  • Medium/long irons (3 balls)
  • FW Woods/Driver (3 balls)
  • Medium/Long irons (3 balls)
  • Short iron/distance wedges (3 balls)
  • Chipping/puttings (alternating chip to putt) (10 minutes prior to tee off)

Arriving With a Few Minutes to Tee Time

  • If you arrive late, it is best to spend the time stretching and swinging 2 medium clubs
  • lastly, spend time putting prior to tee off

Post Round Routines

If you have time to hit the range after your round, work on what you observed to be playing obstacles, while they are fresh in your mind.

 Thaidox BangkokFinder | golf practice routines

We hope you found this article for Golf Practice Routines useful.  Our BangkokFinder blog helps expats find useful information for enjoyment in Thailand. Please consider us for your property transactions, management, or leasing needs; serving the Expat community in Bangkok for over 12 years with Investment Property Sales, Leasing, and Property Management Services.   Here is a thought check out our Golf Course for sale Thailand , imagine owning your own. Thaidox Co., LTD | BangkokFinder™ | BPM™ Property Investment and Management Specialists All rights reserved © 2002-2017      
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Condo for rent Bangkok Sukhumvit

When choosing an area condo for rent Bangkok Sukhumvit our agency has a lot of inventory to choose from. We specialize in Bangkok condo rentals as opposed to stretching ourselves to far and focus on the Sukhumvit area.

The Sukumvit road is not just the tourist area well known by most Bangkok travelers which is near the nice hotels from say Thonglo to Paragon shopping mall along the skytrain. It actually refers to the area stretching along the entire skytrain from Mo Chit down to Victory monument area. This is a long strip and technically not all is known as Sukhumvit but this is the basic idea.

Some of the areas in upper Sukhumvit are up and coming, with many new condo buildings and are less expensive than the ones in the main tourist area and have great investment potential as they will increase in value. For those on a more limited budget we recommend these newer developments. Some can rented as low as 25000 Baht per month and are decent. Of course you will not find these right next to the train, but maybe a ten minute walk.

The map below shows the route which we know as Sukhumvit, and is accessible by the BTS also know as Skytrain.

Condo for rent Bangkok Sukhumvit

Sukhumvit line is in green

Our agents can meet you easily anywhere along this route and have a impressive selection of “Condo for rent Bangkok Sukhumvit” its easy you can use our easy search web site for the features you want and contact us. You may also just send us an email with a list of what your looking for as far as bedrooms , baths etc as well your budget. We can then search our data base and have a list and plan to show you in advance.

We also have many condos for sale along the Sukhumvit route to show you as well if that is what your looking for. What ever the case our team is here to serve you our client.

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Thailand Destinations | Rafting at Khun Dan Prakan Chon Dam

Rafting at Khun Dan Prakan Chon Dam

Rafting at Khun Dan Prakan Chon DamKnown as the the world’s widest concrete dam in Nakornnayok

Get out of Bangkok and enjoy fresh air and cool water for some rafting at Khun Dan Prakan Chon Dam, the world’s widest concrete dam in Na Korn Na Yok Province; most of the area is by the Khao Yai National Park which guarantees a well managed natural reserve. Here is a good link for background information .. <more info…>

Rafting Fees:

  • Roughly 300 THB onsite and same prices for Thai and Foreigner (this may have changed Rafting at Khun Dan Prakan Chon Dam with new laws recently, so better check to be sure).  Travel companies charge over 2,000 THB for this… not really needed if you have a group going up.

Minivan Ticket:

  • 110THB/Person each way (go to Mo Chit BTS Station..  take Taxi to the Mo Chit Bus Terminal)

Rafting Tips:

  • Wear proper shoes (water-sport shoes)
  • Wear life jacket all time during rafting
  • Follow the instructor’s guidelines; not a time for independent ideas
  • Think ‘team’ and caring for others in your raft
  • Bring towel & a new set of clothes for changing
  • Wear goggles if you wear contact lens
  • If you wear glasses, tight it properly
  • Sandal is ok but slippers are not
  • Don’t bring any valuable items
  • Gentlemen please help ladies and others in need
rafting at khun dan prakan dam We hope you found this article for Rafting at Khun Dan Prakan Chon Dam useful.  Please consider us for your property investment, management, or leasing needs; serving the Expat for over 12 years with Investment Property Sales, Leasing, and Property Management Services.   Thaidox Co., LTD | BangkokFinder™ | BPM™ Property Investment and Management Specialists All rights reserved © 2002-2017  
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Bangkok Guide Book

A Guide Book to Finding Great Bangkok Information

Whether you are a newbie to Bangkok or have been living here for years, the Bangkok Guide Book is a must have! It provides information and numbers to everything you’ll need from Bangkok Guide Bookhospitals, to hair salons and restaurants; compiled by the ladies at the Australian-New Zealand Women’s Group. It’s available at all Asia Books, Villa Markets, Kinokuniya bookstores and Bookazine for 850 baht. Believe me, it will be the best money you’ll spend in Thailand.

Ordering the Bangkok Guide Book

The latest edition of the Bangkok Guide can also be purchased online at Asia Books ( and DCO. For delivery outside Thailand use and from within Thailand use

Summary of Contents

Covering all aspects of moving and living in Bangkok :
  • Logistics and legalities of moving to Thailand
  • Setting up home
  • Choosing the right school
  • Hospitals, doctors and staying healthy
  • A comprehensive shopping guide from exclusive department stores to street markets
  • Tried and tested tailors and dressmakers
  • Bangkok ‘s favorite dining and entertainment venues
  • Meeting people… associations, clubs and special interest groups
  We hope you found this article for the Bangkok Guide Book useful.  Please consider us for your property investment, management, or leasing needs; serving the Expat for over 12 years with Investment Property Sales, Leasing, and Property Management Services.   Thaidox Co., LTD | BangkokFinder™ | BPM™ Property Investment and Management Specialists All rights reserved © 2002-2017
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New Thailand Train Commissioned

Thailand Train Gets a New Fleet

Thailand TrainIf you haven’t been on the State Thailand Train lately, you are in for a big surprise. State Railway of Thailand (SRT) started rolling out their new class of passenger and sleeper cars late July 2016.  I took the overnight 8pm from Hua Lamphong to Nong Khai and was pleasantly surprised with the brand-new trains for the line.

Comfort and Safety

The interior is very smooth and modern, removing all luggage based storage to underneath the seating. There is a small mark of excessive overhead storage area. In the second class space Thailand Trainsleepers, against storages underneath seats, each sleeper now has its own private AC, and LED dimmable light. The doors feature some very high tech looking automatic opening devices, where you simply touch the green center of each door and it automatically opens.

Clean Bathrooms

The bathrooms are amazingly clean, and very Thailand Trainconvenient. If you’ve experienced the old cars then you remember the squat toilets and the outside windows and clanking, and to your amazement looking straight down to see the moving tracks below the toilet opening!

Affordable Pricing

The pricing is very reasonable on the train, for both second-class and first-class. I personally enjoy the nighttime train, as I can wind down and simply sleep for the night; thus eliminating the need for Thailand Trainthe cost of an overnight stay.    most schedules are arranged between 5 PM and 8 PM,  and usually arrive anywhere between 5 AM and 8 AM depending on where you are. Thailand has been very active in improving the track stability, you can see almost everywhere with new track abutments.

A Smart Way to Travel in Thailand

For this traveler, what it takes to take a train from Bangkok to either Chang Mai or to Don Connie,, is typically a five hour excursion, no matter how you look at  it.. Then you have to deal with Lakewood’s, things that you can’t move monthly, blah blah blah,, for the amount of time they spend the overnight train just makes too much sense; both on the economically and with consideration to time efficiency.

First and Second Class Berths

Thailand TrainFirst class, is an enjoyable experience within itself; at present I can only relate to the old first-class train and will travel that way soon.  I strongly suggest a light jacket or sweater, as the AC can get a bit cold. It’s a nice way to sleep; in both cases I would recommend the lower birth. Contrary to some belief, the railways is a very efficient and a very safe method of travel.


There are several other websites out there that look very official.  They typically tag on a 30% or higher premium for their counter ticketing services.  I have used a few and they seem to work ok.  Thai Railways ranks up in one of the more recognized and reliable.  You can reserve tickets and have them delivered to you (for another 100 THB or so) or pick them up in a nearby agency in close proximity to the station(s).  Here is the Official State Train (SRT) website and schedule.

We hope you found this article for Thailand Train Information useful.  Please consider us for your property investment, management, or leasing needs; serving the Expat for over 12 years with Property Sales, Leasing, and Property Management Services.   Thaidox Co., LTD | BangkokFinder™ | BPM™ All rights reserved © 2002-2017
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Golf Tips | Golf Etiquette and Basic Guide

Golf Etiquette

Golf is a wonderful, constant discovery game that brings fun challenges, some ironically mirror that which we struggle within ourselves. In Golf, etiquette is a common practice of consideration and awareness to the person making a shot and making sure that experience is quiet and non-distracted.  Take leads from the more experienced players.  The main things are to refrain from noise or movement when anyone addresses their ball (not practice swings, but when they step into the ball in preparation to swing).Golf Etiquette, Golf Bangkok, Golf Groups Bangkok

Off the Tee

Keep the area behind the person on the tee clear; stand to the sides at least 1-2 meters away. Prevent any movements or noise as they become visual and audible distractions upon address. Be aware of the direction of each shot for each player; you and they will appreciate it and speed up play. If you miss a shot or it goes short, allow someone in the group offer to let you re-hit, otherwise walk promptly to your ball and play your next shot.

On the Fairway

If you are the farthest from the approaching green, then it is your shot.  Be swift and efficient to keep play moving along, and enjoyable for the better player(s). If you are a beginner learning the game and playing with advanced players, it is to lift your ball to an easier position to play from.  This is not common in the rules of scoring golf, and some purists may not agree; but to make things more enjoyable for advanced players and you, it is appreciated.

On the Putting Green

Wait until all players are on the green.  The person farthest from the hole shoots first. Do not to accidentally step on the “line” between your fellow player ball and the hole. Be aware of casting shadows, movement, or noise when a player steps in to address the ball. Have your clubs positioned towards the next tee, to make departure from the green quickly. Golf Etiquette, Golf Thailand, Golf Rules

Learning Golf

Golf and even Golf Etiquette can easily be viewed as a life philosophy or discipline.  It’s a journey of self discovery, sharing, interacting, and supporting with other players.  It is no wonder that business relations formed are a worthy bi-product of the integrous nature of golf.  Consider the honor system of scorning… sure it’s easy to jot down a score and ‘forget’ about a stroke or last ball; we only hurt ourselves when we allow ourselves to do that.

The Essentials Object of the Game:

(inversely) putting, chipping, pitching, mid iron approaches, long irons/fairway wood shots, and off the tee driver (or appropriate distance club). Placing your drive in a safe area of the fairway, thus setting up your next shot(s0 onto the green, while keeping your putts in the hole to a minimum.

Finding the Right Golf Instructor

Bangkok has attracted several good Golf Instructors and even a few great Master Instructors. Theories are subjective to the style that you want to learn; the standard 2 plane rigid approach, or something bit more progressive, such as the single plane swing, that works with your body type and finding the natural way you strike a ball best. Select an instructor that you sense is caring about your learning and advancement.  If you feel like you have a ‘rank and file’ type instructor, where everything is getting broken down and changed.. run for the door.  (smile) But seriously, the game is for you to learn and understand about yourself and your own tendencies.  A good instructor will help to illuminate those differences, but also to use them as strengths for you.

Traditionally Popular Golf Books:

  • Faults and Fixes: How to Correct [David Leadbetter]
  • Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf [Ben Hogan]
  • Golf Digest’s Ultimate Drill Book [Jim McLean]
  • Golf My Way [by Jack Nicklaus and Jim McQueen]
  • Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book [Harvey Penick and Bud Shrake]
  • Practical Golf [John Jacobs and Ken Bowden]
  • The Golf Handbook; Complete Guide to the Greatest Game [Peter Allis]
  • The Golf Instruction Manual [by Steve Newell]
  • The Scrambler’s Dozen; 12 Shots Every Golfer Needs [Mike McGetrick]
  • The Golf School [John Ledesma]
  • The Golf Swing [David Leadbetter]
  • The Tuition Free Tee-To-Green Curriculum Jim McLean]

More Progressive Golf Books

  • The Release: Golf’s Moment of Truth [Jim Hardy and MJ Rumminger]
  • The Plane Truth for Golfers: Breaking Down the One-plane Swing and the Two-Plane Swing and Finding the One That’s Right for You [Jim Hardy and John Andrisani]
  • The Plane Truth for Golfers Master Class: Advanced Lessons for Improving Swing Technique and Ball Control for the One- and Two-Plane Swings [Jim Hardy]

  • The Psychology of Tournament Golf: Play Your Best When It Means the Most – A Game-Day Primer for Aspiring Champions [David L. Cook and Jim Hardy]

  We hope you found this article for Golf Etiquette useful.  Our BangkokFinder blog helps expats find useful information for enjoyment in Thailand. Please consider us for your property transactions, management, or leasing needs; serving the Expat community in Bangkok for over 12 years with Investment Property Sales, Leasing, and Property Management Services.   Thaidox Co., LTD | BangkokFinder™ | BPM™ Property Investment and Management Specialists All rights reserved © 2002-2017

How to buy a car in Thailand

How to buy a car in Thailand and things to think about

With Thailand luring in more and more people through relaxed visa processes, affordable real estate prices and of course its unsurpassed scenic natural beauty, many expatriates are making Thailand their second home. Now that you have arranged for the job and accommodation in Thailand, your next task will be to make life easy with your own transport. how-to-buy-a-car-thailand

Ownership of car Thailand

Cars in Thailand are quite affordable and you can also find many international models here.In fact you can even find them on craig’s list. But there are certain parameters you should be aware of, especially if you are a foreigner in Thailand and are planning to buy a new or used car. The first rule, foreigners can buy and register a car in his or her name only if they hold a valid non-immigrant visa and either one of these documents – a valid work permit or proof of address duly certified by the immigration office. This is because Thailand is also advertising itself as a preferred choice for retired people. So it is not really necessary that you have to work if you stay in Thailand. People who have settled in Thailand but are not working (or do not have work permit currently) can arrange for the address proof document by paying a fee of 500 baht at the immigration office. Unlike ownership of a land or apartment (condos can be owned if certain prerequisites are met), ownership of a vehicle is not necessary on a partnership basis.  Until recently this was the case and many foreigners ended up losing money on the vehicle since part of the money generated from the sale goes to the local Thai partner / girlfriend. The other thing you need to remember is if you are staying in a different city of Thailand and buying the car in another city, for instance you stay in Chiangmai but you prefer the cars sold in Bangkok or Pattaya, then you would need a letter from the immigration office in Chiangmai stating you are residing there. For this letter you may need to carry your passport and two photographs and get the letter free of cost from the immigration office. Copies of house papers like lease agreements and rental papers will not help you in buying the car.

What type of a car to buy?

If you are staying in Bangkok then you would want to think of the congested traffic the city is so famous (of infamous) for. On the other hand, to travel at your will in this vast city you would need a conveyance of your own. You can find almost all types of models of vehicles in Thailand including (but surely not limited to) Hondas, BMWs, Toyotas, Mitsubishi, Mercedes and the like. What you do need to remember is it will not be like it was in your country. The cars manufactured in the country including Toyotas and Hondas cost much cheaper than imported vehicles of BMWs and Mercedes. All imported cars have a tax of 300% which (quite obviously) is passed on to the end consumer and so this vehicle which would cost about $50000 in your home country would cost you $100,000 here in Thailand. Thailand manufactured cars on the other hand are much cheaper. There is a very good used care selection in Bangkok as well. If your really adventurous and want to really live like a Thai try a motor bike. These can be seen darting in and out of the Bangkok traffic but you need to have skin a thick as leather. Public transportation is quite good as well and easy to use so you may want to save your self the hassle and simply use that as most of us do.
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The Top Ten Attractions in Bangkok

Many Attractions in Bangkok

As you flip through the pages of a travel magazine, think about the places that you want to go in Bangkok. If it is your first time to visit and since you want it to be as organized as possible. Make a list of the top ten attractions that you would like to visit. We have done that for you as well but make your own list.  

Wat Phra Kaew food courts and cinemaThe Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew

This is the present abode of the Emerald Buddha. These two places are positioned next to each other. The location is in west Bangkok close to the river named Chao Phraya. They are two essential targets for tourists to go to and visit because of the grandeur that it brings. They manifest the religion, history, architecture and art of Thailand. They were constructed during the establishment of the present dynasty. Another important attraction around the palace is the dwelling of the biggest Buddha of Thailand, which is named Wat Pho. This complex has over 100 extravagant colored buildings, which date back to 1782. Bangkok was founded about the same time as a city. The Wat Phra Kaew and the nearby buildings along with the Grand Palace can be seen. The Wat Phra Si Rattana Satsadaram is a very important temple to the Thais and contains the tiny Buddha which is rather famous. This Buddha is a bit of mystery but although rumored to be made of emerald it is not. If your a photo bug put your camera away as photos cannot be taken of this statue.

Wat Arun

  This is also known as the Temple of Dawn, which is another compulsory travel spot for the tourists of Bangkok. This is situated on the west bank of the river Chao Phraya. The temple’s architecture shouts of a Burmese style in its design. The bricks of that temple are coated with broken pieces of grand looking porcelain of China. For this reason, the temple has a glittering look that is awe-inspiring for the visitor’s eye. The travelers can enjoy the sight of the adjacent river and the beautiful area from the deck of the high central pagoda of this temple. This is a khmer wat type temple and looks very good from across river. It has some pieces of porcelain that were there from the times when King Rama III traded with china and these are part of the artifacts from that time. Interesting history and lore surround this temple if you’re into this type of thing and all you have to do is see some of the support structures of the building which range from Demons to Elephants to realize this. Most of the guided tours can take you here to the Wat Arun.  

Erawan Shrine

This site is placed at the meeting point of two roads named Ploenchit and Ratchaprasong. This is a significant and greatly visited religious spot. It pays tribute to the god Brahma who is worshipped by both Hindu and Buddhist people. This then, makes it a great place for the devotees of both religions. There are some shopping plazas situated near this place such as the Gaysorn Shopping Plaza, Central World Plaza, Erawan Plaza and the Amarin Plaza. This neighborhood is also well-known for a large numbers of food courts and cinema halls.

Siam Square

  After walking a couple of blocks from the Erawan Shrine, you will find Siam Square. It is famous for the extremely big, significant and magnificent shopping complexes such as the Siam Discovery Center, Siam Paragon Shopping Center and Siam Square. This group of buildings is always in the list of a tourist who visits Bangkok for shopping. Customers, who wish to get various goods in comparatively lower prices, can go to the nearby Japanese department store or Mahboonkrong shopping center. This area is a favorite mall of the young locals of Thailand, as there are a lot of food courts and cinema halls where they can enjoy and hang out with their friends.  

Nana Plaza

This is an adult amusement region situated on the Sukhumvit Road. Nana Plaza comprises a structure with nearly sixty bars. It was once is one of the wildest bar areas of Bangkok. There are also a lot of restaurants and shops around this place. You can see the down and dirty side of Bangkok at the Nana Plaza. Yet this is such a small fraction of this city that it amazes us that it gets such attention, yet sex sells. So it may be worth a look.

Baiyoke Tower & Pratunam Market

The tallest structure in Thailand is named Baiyoke Tower. It is said to be one of the tallest towers of the world. This building consists of a luxurious hotel and a restaurant at the top floor. There is also an observation deck, where visitors can take a delightful overlooking view of Bangkok. The nearby Pratunam market is a huge shopping complex and famous for its cheaper rate of exclusive garments.

Silom Road

This is also considered to be one of the popular shopping and amusement site in Bangkok. Though it has lost its appeal due to newer malls, there are still many free standing shops and little malls in this area. They are well-known for selling traditional crafts, art, antiques, ornaments and finer quality cloths.

Patpong Road

Patpong Road is near this area. The nightlife in Patong is very active. Restaurants, street peddlers, food stalls and shows are available for tourists to enjoy. There are many clubs and bars in this area.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

This is the leading open-air bazaar in Asia and most likely, also in the world. The customers will get almost anything and everything here. It is so huge that a tourist needs to have plenty of time to be able to explore and to shop properly. The biggest city park is situated around this market. There is a man-made lake close to the north side of the market. The train museum of this place is also an attraction.

Yaowarat or China Town

This is a Chinese closed society amidst the superior Thai society. This area is busier than any other parts of the city. It is fashioned in antique architecture. There are a lot of gold shops and street stalls here. Also, the world’s biggest solid gold figure of the Buddha in the world, Wat Traimit, is situated close to this place.

The Dusit Zoo

This is situated on Rama V Road. The greenery and a wide lake offer a brilliant view of the neighboring area. Tigers, hippos, zebras, various kinds of monkeys, elephants, giraffes and many other smaller animals can be found in this zoo. The Chitlada Palace, the Ananta Samakhom Palace, the Chulalongkorn Monument and the Benchamabophit are some of the other attractions of this place. We have made a list of the top ten places that we know we would like to go to. All you have to do is pack up and prepare your camera so you can capture all these beautiful sites and places. See you there !
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Grocery Shopping In Bangkok

Bangkok Grocery Stores and Food Shopping

The grocery stores in Bangkok Thailand have just about everything you want from health foods to grocery stores the good old junk food. Bangkok has many centers with lots of grocery stores, so you can buy just what you want for those picky types of taste or ethnic variety. In Bangkok there is no shortage of food be it volume or variety and there specialty food shops for everything.

Villa Grocery Stores Bangkok

One of the best grocery store chains is the Villa Market, here you can find anything. They are spread all over Thailand from Bangkok to Nonthaburi. A little expensive, but the Villa Market Groceries include both imported and domestic grocery items. This is a family owned business and there is one at Central World Mall, The Emporium Mall,Samsen Nai Phaya Thai,as well as in Silom. Just search on google for a location of this market. The food quality is good and rates high for having good meats, a very nice wine selection and fresh seafood. As example they will purchase their chicken from non steroid or hormone sources. We did find some of the stores a little disorganized and most of the staff was found to be helpful.

Foodland Bangkok

Another favorite grocery stores are Foodland and Tops market, they are great for foreigners in finding what they like to eat. For those that like to shop traditional chains, western superstores are all over Thailand from Bangkok to many of the other provinces. These stores remind me of the good old American Wal-mart store, which Thailand does not have. Their locations at: Ladprao, Ramintra, Patpong, Srinakarin, Petchaburi, Hua Mak, Sukhumvit and even Pattaya. It has been said the Foodlands are a favorite with the Muslim community, why? Not sure. The good thing about Foodland is they are open 24 hours a day. They have a great American breakfast and many items for westerners. We like the one on Sukhumvit 5 as the staff was very nice and helpful. The prices seemed to better than some of the other stores.

Big C

We found the Big C across the street from Central World Mall towards Petchaburi Road to be the best for our shopping. It has a lot of quality and quantity reminds us of a Costco to some degree. The foods were the usual variety at most chain stores with a lot of Thai brands which are the least expensive to buy. They also have some floors with other household goods and cleaning solutions and the like. This one burned down during the Red Shirt Uprising but was recently rebuilt better than before. There are a lot of other vendors located here aside from groceries such as gold sellers. This Big C has Mcdonald’s, StarBucks and Dairy Queen. This type of arrangement is common at many large grocery shopping centers in Bangkok.


Like the Big C the Tesco, a French chain, usually found housing many other vendors and specialty stores. The one at Fortune center accessible by the MRT at Rama 9 is one example. They have all of the brand names food , full selection of meats local and foreign grocery items. There prices are reasonable and staff is helpful.

Other Grocery Stores

Bangkok Thailand also has several other kinds of grocery outlets for the Japanese, the British and the French.Of course there is the famous seven-eleven store which number in the thousands almost on every other street. Almost all the malls have a gourmet grocery outlet bearing the exotic fruits and vegetables such as middle eastern figs and dried fruit

Premium Grocery Stores

Premium grocery stores are cropping up both with storefronts and home delivery shopping.  grovery storesThere is even a Dean & Deluca (a Manhattan favorite) located at Praditmanutham Rd., Lat Phrao, Bangkok 10230.  Siam Paragon, Gourmet Market, Lemon Market, all offer great options for imported and premium foods.  Healthy ‘clean food’ or ‘farm fresh to table’ is becoming very popular lately.

Home Delivery Groceries

FoodPanda, HappyFresh, Helping Hands, Even Tesco, and Tops are a few of the many services popping up for home delivered groceries. Service fees are minimal and you typically pay roughly 20-30% higher (for premium stores) than going out to the store yourself.  With everything considered; travel time/traffic, shopping time, travel expense, it is a viable solution for Bangkokians

Grocery History Lesson

During the Vietnam war several of the Villa markets went out of business but in the 1970’s they made a come back and now there are plenty of them in the country. In 1997 the Asian economy collapsed and the WTO (Organization, of the World Trade) negotiated and rules were set to open the market of Thailand’s grocery stores to foreign companies. In at which time it pushed some of the smaller companies out of business. By doing this when Thailand was in an economic crisis weakened the country some more. Eventually it did come back to once again collapse in the 2000’s. The European chains were racing each other to get their stores up all over the Bangkok and the Thailand country. Big C, Tesco, Carrefour, Makro were some of the top companies to do so. Some stores merged with each other. Thailand’s Central grocery store merged with Robinson’s, and to day they are one of the top superstores of Thailand. Big C and Tesco are the big leaders as far we believe. These are excellent and you can find anything from western to middle eastern taste. There are several of these in Bangkok. If you want really upscale food and deli type food of all variety try the Big Malls like Paragon and Central world. They all have supermarkets similar to safe ways and better inside. These are definitely suitable to western taste in Bangkok.

Health Food Stores Bangkok

There are plenty of health food stores all over also. A lot of these tend to be family owned for generations of time. They provide a variety of foods from vegetables to other great nutritious products.There is also the chains such as GNC and the Vitamin Shops. You can always find these at the big malls.

Some Grocery Tips

In buying vegetables and fruits from Thailand, everything is weighed and then priced right there in the produce department. Then they stick a sticker on it and you can then pay for it at the checkout counter. Some foods are more common like cheese from New Zealand, frozen mixed vegetables, margarine made out of sunflower and canola oil, whole grain breads, and lots of other things. Seafood, chicken, steaks, pork are all quite common to Thailand. Several food companies and the Thailand government have been working hygienic meats, in where they inspect for hormones levels and other antibiotics with participating farmers. The chickens for eggs have carefully controlled feedings in order to get them rich in omega-3’s.Its easy to find chicken that is not hormone fed or even free range chicken in Bangkok. Those that don’t like skim milk have the chance to buy Meiji brand. It tastes much better than the regular milk. Fruit juices are carefully blended to get the healthiest ingredients in them such as vitamin b2, b1, E, A and of course taste is always important. It’s really easy to find fresh juices, orange, tangerine, pomegranate and melon etc. Chocolate is to die for in Thailand. Yes they even have chocolate for all those chocolate lovers and many companies that make it as well. The best thing about the Thailand’s chocolate is that it is only 40 percent sugar instead of what most chocolate is 80 percent sugar. You can find anything you want at most local grocery stores. Have fun and go shopping for food in Bangkok.      
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