New Thailand Train Commissioned

Thailand Train Gets a New Fleet

Thailand TrainIf you haven’t been on the State Thailand Train lately, you are in for a big surprise. State Railway of Thailand (SRT) started rolling out their new class of passenger and sleeper cars late July 2016.  I took the overnight 8pm from Hua Lamphong to Nong Khai and was pleasantly surprised with the brand-new trains for the line.

Comfort and Safety

The interior is very smooth and modern, removing all luggage based storage to underneath the seating. There is a small mark of excessive overhead storage area. In the second class space Thailand Trainsleepers, against storages underneath seats, each sleeper now has its own private AC, and LED dimmable light. The doors feature some very high tech looking automatic opening devices, where you simply touch the green center of each door and it automatically opens.

Clean Bathrooms

The bathrooms are amazingly clean, and very Thailand Trainconvenient. If you’ve experienced the old cars then you remember the squat toilets and the outside windows and clanking, and to your amazement looking straight down to see the moving tracks below the toilet opening!

Affordable Pricing

The pricing is very reasonable on the train, for both second-class and first-class. I personally enjoy the nighttime train, as I can wind down and simply sleep for the night; thus eliminating the need for Thailand Trainthe cost of an overnight stay.    most schedules are arranged between 5 PM and 8 PM,  and usually arrive anywhere between 5 AM and 8 AM depending on where you are. Thailand has been very active in improving the track stability, you can see almost everywhere with new track abutments.

A Smart Way to Travel in Thailand

For this traveler, what it takes to take a train from Bangkok to either Chang Mai or to Don Connie,, is typically a five hour excursion, no matter how you look at  it.. Then you have to deal with Lakewood’s, things that you can’t move monthly, blah blah blah,, for the amount of time they spend the overnight train just makes too much sense; both on the economically and with consideration to time efficiency.

First and Second Class Berths

Thailand TrainFirst class, is an enjoyable experience within itself; at present I can only relate to the old first-class train and will travel that way soon.  I strongly suggest a light jacket or sweater, as the AC can get a bit cold. It’s a nice way to sleep; in both cases I would recommend the lower birth. Contrary to some belief, the railways is a very efficient and a very safe method of travel.


There are several other websites out there that look very official.  They typically tag on a 30% or higher premium for their counter ticketing services.  I have used a few and they seem to work ok.  Thai Railways ranks up in one of the more recognized and reliable.  You can reserve tickets and have them delivered to you (for another 100 THB or so) or pick them up in a nearby agency in close proximity to the station(s).  Here is the Official State Train (SRT) website and schedule.

We hope you found this article for Thailand Train Information useful.  Please consider us for your property investment, management, or leasing needs; serving the Expat for over 12 years with Property Sales, Leasing, and Property Management Services.  Thaidox Co., LTD | BangkokFinder™ | BPM™ All rights reserved © 2002-2017
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For Beginners – Golf Etiquette and Basic Guide

Golf Etiquette

Golf is a wonderful, constant discovery game that brings fun challenges, some ironically mirror that which we struggle within ourselves. Golf etiquette is a common practice of consideration and awareness to the person making a shot and making sure that experience is quiet and non-distracted.  Take leads from the more experienced players.  The main things are to refrain from noise or movement when anyone addresses their ball (not practice swings, but when they step into the ball in preparation to swing).Golf Etiquette, Golf Bangkok, Golf Groups Bangkok

Off the Tee

  • Keep the area behind the person on the tee clear; stand to the sides at least 1-2 meters away.
  • Prevent any movements or noise as they become visual and audible distractions upon address.
  • Be aware of the direction of each shot for each player; you and they will appreciate it and speed up play.
  • If you miss a shot or it goes short, allow someone in the group offer to let you rehit, otherwise walk promptly to your ball and play your next shot.

On the Fairway

  • If you are the farthest from the approaching green, then it is your shot.  Be swift and efficient to keep play moving along, and enjoyable for the better player(s)
  • If you are a beginner learning the game and playing with advanced players, it is to lift your ball to an easier position to play from.  This is not common in the rules of scoring golf, and some purists may not agree; but to make things more enjoyable for advanced players and you, it is appreciated.

On the Putting Green

  • Wait until all players are on the green.  The person farthest from the hole shoots first.
  • Do not to accidentally step on the “line” between your fellow player ball and the hole.
  • Be aware of casting shadows, movement, or noise when a player steps in to address the ball.
  • Have your clubs positioned towards the next tee, to make departure from the green quickly.
Golf Etiquette, Golf Thailand, Golf Rules

Learning Golf

  • Golf and even Golf Etiquette can easily be viewed as a life philosophy or discipline.  It’s a journey of self discovery, sharing, interacting, and supporting with other players.  It is no wonder that business relations formed are a worthy bi-product of the integrous nature of golf.  Consider the honor system of scorning… sure it’s easy to jot down a score and ‘forget’ about a stroke or last ball; we only hurt ourselves when we allow ourselves to do that.
  • The Essentials Object of the Game are:
    • (inversely) putting, chipping, pitching, mid iron approaches, long irons/fairway wood shots, and off the tee driver (or appropriate distance club)
    • Placing your drive in a safe area of the fairway, thus setting up your next shot(s0 onto the green, while keeping your putts in the hole to a minimum.

Finding the Right Golf Instructor

Bangkok has attracted several good Golf Instructors and even a few great Master Instructors. Theories are subjective to the style that you want to learn; the standard 2 plane rigid approach, or something bit more progressive, such as the single plane swing, that works with your body type and finding the natural way you strike a ball best. Select an instructor that you sense is caring about your learning and advancement.  If you feel like you have a ‘rank and file’ type instructor, where everything is getting broken down and changed.. run for the door.  (smile) But seriously, the game is for you to learn and understand about yourself and your own tendencies.  A good instructor will help to illuminate those differences, but also to use them as strengths for you.

Traditionally Popular Golf Books:

More Progressive Golf Books

  • The Release: Golf’s Moment of Truth [Jim Hardy and MJ Rumminger]
  • The Plane Truth for Golfers: Breaking Down the One-plane Swing and the Two-Plane Swing and Finding the One That’s Right for You [Jim Hardy and John Andrisani]
  • The Plane Truth for Golfers Master Class: Advanced Lessons for Improving Swing Technique and Ball Control for the One- and Two-Plane Swings [Jim Hardy]

    The Psychology of Tournament Golf: Playing Your Best When It Means the Most – A Game-Day Primer for Aspiring Champions [David L. Cook and Jim Hardy]

  We hope you found this article for Golf Etiquette useful.  Please consider us for your residential commercial investment or leasing needs; serving the Expat community in Bangkok for over 12 years with Sales, Leasing, and Property Management Services.Thaidox Co., LTD | BangkokFinder™ | BPM™ All rights reserved © 2002-2017

How to buy a car in Thailand

How to buy a car in Thailand and things to think about

With Thailand luring in more and more people through relaxed visa processes, affordable real estate prices and of course its unsurpassed scenic natural beauty, many expatriates are making Thailand their second home. Now that you have arranged for the job and accommodation in Thailand, your next task will be to make life easy with your own

Ownership of car Thailand

Cars in Thailand are quite affordable and you can also find many international models here.In fact you can even find them on craig’s list. But there are certain parameters you should be aware of, especially if you are a foreigner in Thailand and are planning to buy a new or used car. The first rule, foreigners can buy and register a car in his or her name only if they hold a valid non-immigrant visa and either one of these documents – a valid work permit or proof of address duly certified by the immigration office. This is because Thailand is also advertising itself as a preferred choice for retired people. So it is not really necessary that you have to work if you stay in Thailand. People who have settled in Thailand but are not working (or do not have work permit currently) can arrange for the address proof document by paying a fee of 500 baht at the immigration office. Unlike ownership of a land or apartment (condos can be owned if certain prerequisites are met), ownership of a vehicle is not necessary on a partnership basis.  Until recently this was the case and many foreigners ended up losing money on the vehicle since part of the money generated from the sale goes to the local Thai partner / girlfriend. The other thing you need to remember is if you are staying in a different city of Thailand and buying the car in another city, for instance you stay in Chiangmai but you prefer the cars sold in Bangkok or Pattaya, then you would need a letter from the immigration office in Chiangmai stating you are residing there. For this letter you may need to carry your passport and two photographs and get the letter free of cost from the immigration office. Copies of house papers like lease agreements and rental papers will not help you in buying the car.

What type of a car to buy?

If you are staying in Bangkok then you would want to think of the congested traffic the city is so famous (of infamous) for. On the other hand, to travel at your will in this vast city you would need a conveyance of your own. You can find almost all types of models of vehicles in Thailand including (but surely not limited to) Hondas, BMWs, Toyotas, Mitsubishi, Mercedes and the like. What you do need to remember is it will not be like it was in your country. The cars manufactured in the country including Toyotas and Hondas cost much cheaper than imported vehicles of BMWs and Mercedes. All imported cars have a tax of 300% which (quite obviously) is passed on to the end consumer and so this vehicle which would cost about $50000 in your home country would cost you $100,000 here in Thailand. Thailand manufactured cars on the other hand are much cheaper. There is a very good used care selection in Bangkok as well. If your really adventurous and want to really live like a Thai try a motor bike. These can be seen darting in and out of the Bangkok traffic but you need to have skin a thick as leather. Public transportation is quite good as well and easy to use so you may want to save your self the hassle and simply use that as most of us do.
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Rent Bangkok Condos | Houses, Luxury Condos & Penthouse Rentals in Bangkok

If you prefer living in a condo and to be located in Bangkok’s more popular districts such as Sukhumvit Road, Sathorn Road, Silom Road and Wireless Road, the Bangkok condo listings we have may be just right for you. Typically these listings of rental properties are high-end and situated in the most desirable districts for a quiet residential experience. We at Bangkokfinder are very familiar with the city and we can help you choose the condo that is right for you. We have many comfortable and upscale condo rentals in Bangkok that will suit your taste, location, and comfort requirements. Please feel free to search our rental listings in the hope of finding your dream condo.

Are you considering a larger living area with perhaps a yard for a barbecue, or a private pool for entertaining? Then you may want to rent one of the Bangkok houses we have listed. Here you can find a great selection to choose from, ranging from a small, two-bedroom house to a veritable mansion! If you have a family or you are an executive who wants the extra area for hobbies or office, a house may be a better choice than a condo or apartment. We will be happy to show you these remarkable properties at no cost to you, and provide you with the details.

By Stephen Krause

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FAQ – Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

Here is a List of Common Questions and Answers

Best Areas to Rent or Buy a Condo?

It may be better to rent for a while and get familiar with the city.  If you are set on purchasing, let our agency help you to determine best options for you.  Here is a quick guide with some links of more popular areas /best-places-live-bangkok/

Should I Rent or Buy?

Options to rent/buy… /rent-buy-property/

Can Foreigners Legally Buy Property Here?

Yes, and the process is very simple. Here is a link /buying-a-condo-in-bangkok-thailand/

What are the Best Ways to Transfer Funds?

This will depend if you are here temporarily or more permanent. For the former, there is MoneyGram, which is probably the cheapest.  If you are more permanently, /best-ways-transfer-currency-us/

Where Can I Find Great Food in Bangkok?

Thailand’s many flavors, and the best street food in the world, along with expat cuisine.. (Create blog entry with links) TripAdvisor :

How do I get a retirement Visa in Thailand?

The steps are fairly easy. You have the option of working with a service or doing it yourself.  If the latter is your choice, here is a link to help you /getting-retirement-visa-thailand/

Why consider a Serviced Apartment?   

If you are first visiting to check out the scene, it is a great option until you truly find out what and where you want to live here.  Here are some considerations /serviced-apartments-bangkok/

Who can Maintain my Property When I’m Gone?

It is common to have your unit taken care of, if you are travelling, or have multiple rental units to manage.  Thaidox’ Bangkok Property Management has been in the real estate industry for more than 12 years providing real estate and property management services.  /property-management-services-bangkok/

How to Find a Good Real Estate Agent?

There are many agents here in Bangkok to help find both rental and investment properties.  We certainly hope you would choose our agency to help in your search!  Here are some considerations in selecting a qualified agency. /good-real-estate-agent/
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Finding a Good Real Estate Agent

good real estate agent - BangkokFinder

Experienced Real Estate Agency

Choosing a good real estate agent with industry knowledge is important to help you to provide options that fit your needs. Knowledge of areas, buildings, even specific units takes years of experience and building relationships.  Being able to work between both Thai and ExPat owners and renters is a skill set of both language and culture.  

Freelance Real Estate Agents vs Agencies

Many people claim to be independent agents (also known as freelance agents), but we suggest working with a good real estate agent from a reputable agency.  One of the key values realized from an agency is experience in writing good contracts correctly and looking out for your best interest in the process. This is what a good real estate agent or agency is paid to do.  Agencies have more resources and again, often more inventory for you to choose from.

Working with Multiple Agents

In the past years, people have found they can engage multiple agents to either increase the options for finding the right property, or seem to think they can negotiate a better deal.  It is not always true, and it is also treating hard working, commission based people unfairly.  It is probably obvious that most agencies would prefer for you to work with them exclusively.  Here are a few reasons to consider ‘single-sourcing’.  Co-Agency deals (deals where there is a commission split) should be a deal your agent (buyer/renter agent) and a listing agent (owner agent) negotiate together.  When an agent or agency discovers you are using multiple agents, they will often drop interest in wanting to help you (for obvious reasons).  Just because there are presently lack of real estate agency protection laws; as in US and other more developed countries, doesn’t justify the practice in doing it here.

A Good Real Estate AgentA good real estate agent - BangkokFinder

An agent or agency that you choose to work with exclusively will do everything to check their  stock listings and other agency listings.  A good real estate agent wants to find you a deal and will co-agent to help you find the right place.  There is truly little point in working with multiple agents and hope this practice is soon stopped. This is obviously a biased view, however, this writer has been on both sides of deals and it has certainly become a pet peeve for many agents and agencies.  We hope you found this article for Finding a Good Real Estate Agent helpful. Please contact us for your housing needs; serving the Expat community relocation to Bangkok for over 12 years with Residential Condo & House Rentals, Sales, and Property Management Services.  Thaidox Co., LTD | BangkokFinder™ | BPM™ All rights reserved © 2004-2016  
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The BangkokFinder Team


The Thaidox BangkokFinder Team The BangkokFinder Team is a group of highly experienced agents and industry professionals with years of industry knowledge in the Bangkok real estate market. Our agents possess communication skills in English and Thai, serving the expat and foreign national community relocating to Bangkok.

Over 12 Years History and Experience

BangkokFinder Team | Sales, Rentals | Property ManagementFormed in 2004, BangkokFinder has become known for its great service and large real estate database. As a result, many owners choose to list their properties with us, and agents often come to us to find inventory for their own clients. Because of this, we feel our agency offers true knowledge in Bangkok real estate, combined with a vast inventory of properties. Bringing high confidence in delivering exactly what you want!

Customer Servicethaidox bangkokfinder team

Known as one of Bangkok’s most client referred real estate companies, our philosophy puts your needs above all. By understanding your goals, we are better able to search for the right property that fits your objectives. Management constantly works to improve our own systems and offerings, to serve you in better and faster ways. We completely understand the stress involved with relocating to a new country and finding a residence that works for you/or your family.

Service Offerings

Personal property consulting, web-based advertising services, property agency, negotiate deals between the local market owners (Thai & International) and foreign buyers, and renters. Over the past few years, we’ve expanded operations into providing Property Management Services to unit owners who prefer to delegate maintenance and dealing with tenants. We maintain a real estate industry blog with articles and tips for newcomers and long time residents to share. Input, questions, and suggestionsWe hope you consider us for your housing needs; serving the Expat community relocating to Bangkok for over 12 years with Residential Condo & House Rentals, Sales, and Property Management Services.Thaidox Co., LTD | BangkokFinder™ | BPM™ All rights reserved © 2004-2016
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Golf Driving Ranges Bangkok

golf driving ranges in Bangkok

Golf Driving Ranges

It is amazing amidst this busy city of Bangkok, it is surprisingly easy to find golf driving ranges. Google listings are getting better to help identify where to find them; this map will help you with golf driving range locations >>. In the past 6 months there has been noticeable improvement with listings for golf course and golf driving ranges.

General Info

I haven’t been able to visit each of these myself, but I learned many of them operate fairly the same. Price for a tray of 80 balls is anywhere from 40-90 BHT each (many places offer a discount card, like at 42 Tee Off Ekamai) and with an automatic ball teeing machine. Most places offer food and drink amenities they serve you at your stall. There are even a few swankier golf driving ranges, like Phothalai Golf Park >> which is a nice family center, with par 3 mini course, driving range, putting range, and a cool little clubhouse/bar. It will be great when we finally get a Top Golf Driving Range here in Bangkok!

The List

Here’s a fairly complete list of golf driving ranges. We will update this posting with more information as we get it.
  • Bang Na Navy Range>>golf driving ranges bang-na-navy-bangkokfinder has a decent 9/18 hole short course, driving range, putting, and chipping area. Locker room is 20 bht with good showers and water pressure. Play during the week is roughly 600 BHT during the week and you can finish in 2 hours. You can even BTS to this course (yes, BTS will allow golf clubs) to the Bang Na exit, and the next block east on Sukhumvit, grab a taxi, motorbike taxi. You could try Grab Taxi or Uber to have them pick you up; or the walk really isn’t that bad to to/from the course.
  • Greenny Driving Range>> very little information available on this one.. seems it has changed hands a few times over the years.
  • 42-tee-off-bangkokfinder42 Tee Off Driving Range>> this is an average 2 tiered range, with some additional sitting areas. You willbe greeted upon arrival with eager bag shaggers to help you. They offer a discount card (1,000 bht for 60 days) which cuts 20 baht per skid off. Food and drinks are offered here; fairly limited variety, but decent. There is a good massage place on the grounds, and a small putting area.. probably better for some light chipping, but no pitching.
  • Srinakarin Driving Range>>golf driving ranges srinakarin-par-3-bangkokfinder has a few things going on. Located behind Seacon Square (off On Nut, to Udom Sok) has 2 floors of driving range, 2 putting greens, 9 holes of 30-100 yard pitch and putt par 3 course; too cool for school!
  • RCA Driving Range>> is a nice facility, a better variety of drinks, food, pro shop, and a more interesting driving range. It has a water feature that reportedly is lit up at night and rather fun to aim at.

Bangkok Driving Range>>

Thai Golfer>Driving Ranges>>


We hope you found this article for golf driving ranges useful. Please consider us for your Bangkok condo and housing needs; serving Expats for over 12 years with Residential Rentals, Property Sales, and Property Management.  Thaidox Co., LTD | BangkokFinder™ | BPM™ All rights reserved © 2004-2016
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Golf Review Nikanti

Golf Review Nikanti Golf Club ~ Gem of a Course

golf review nikanti - bangkokfinder- 8240Today’s Golf Review Nikanti Golf Club;  located in Pantip roughly an hour drive (sans traffic) west/northwest of town.  This review of the course includes, amenities, conditions, and a special running until the end of October, prior to the upcoming ‘busy’ season of golf (Nov-Jan).

Get There Early

Nikanti is worth the trip and the early rise; beat the traffic, and enjoy the amenities, which include both a very nice buffet breakfast, late lunch, stunning locker rooms; showers, sauna, Jacuzzi (the facility overall is quite modern and well laid out).  The first booth you reach, after the guard gate is the bag drop, from there you drive up to the clubhouse entrance.  The pro shop is adequate and well stocked (I didn’t have much of an opportunity to peruse the pro shop much).

Special Running until Oct 31

The current weekday promotion can be viewed on the homepage of Nikanti Golf Club; includes round of golf, golf cart w/GPS, caddie fee (sans tip), free buffet meal before and after your round… all for only ฿ 3,000 THB.  Reportedly, this may soon become a private club.  This is one of the best deals around for the quality of the course, the services, and the facilities.

golf review nikanti - bangkokfinder-8241Greens, Lush Fairways, Reasonable Roughs

I found Bang Sai Country Club very enjoyable… Nikanti Golf Club has it beat with facilities, and the course is quite comparable.. probably playing a bit better.  The greens run true and responsive; so they are nice to attack with nothing domed; putts track very well and reasonable to read.  The fairways are very well maintained (noted that the grounds-keeping staff is very keen to its clientele re: noise, passing, etc.).  golf review nikanti - bangkokfinder-8276The caddies seemed very experienced and quite conscious of making sure you are comfortable and well tended to.  The second cuts are kept in great shape, as well.. as a result, most places to make a recovery from.  Also, all the tee boxes are level and manicured; truly enjoyable.   We opted for the blue tees; about 6350 ft and never felt like it was a stretch.  One bit of a bummer was a restriction to cart paths, due to heavy rains the night before; the caddies are more than happy to shag for clubs.  If they do restrict to cart paths, a suggestions is to simply walking the course from tee to green, and the caddies are happy to shag the clubs for you.  I walk with a distance rangefinder, so between their GPS and your statistics, they can bring proper club selection(s).
We hope you find this article for Golf Review Nikanti helpful.  Please consider us for your or your friends’ housing needs; serving Bangkok for more than 12 years in Residential Rentals, Sales, and Property Management  Thaidox Co., LTD | BangkokFinder™ | BPM™ All rights reserved © 2004-2016  
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Best Places to Live in Bangkok

Best Places to Live in BangkokWhere to Live in Bangkok

To answer the question of finding the best places to live in Bangkok, it would depend on lifestyle, budget, accessibility.  It might be a good idea to make a shortlist of needs/desires, and consider transportation; do you have a car/motorcycle, would you rely on public transportation?  What is your eating style; are food-courts ok, street-food, nicer cuisine, or perhaps you like to cook?

Upper Sukhumvit

– Ekkamai – SalaDaeng – Probably the best deals for your money, with plenty of great local food and a mix of locals and scattered foreigners.  The On Nut area has several nice low rise Condos and great access.  On Nut road is a long and does have a bit of traffic, so along the Sukhumvit is probably your best bet.


– Huai Kwang – Suthisan – A fairly central location, integrating more with locals and much less a tourist area.

Lower Sukhumvit

– Nana to Thong Lor – If money isn’t much of a concern, this is probably the most central Best Places to Live in Bangkoklocation to get anywhere.  Note: Soi 11 is starting to change quite a bit; catering to more Middle Eastern and Indian clientele.


 Saphan Taksin to Sala Daeng

Phetchaburi Rd

– Lot’s of nightlife, as you are near the RCA Nightlife.  It’s a reasonably central location.

Khao San Rd

– This is a hunting ground for local girls looking for foreigners.  It’s cheap to live here, but the noise, drinking, and partying is quite tiring to many.
Here are a few links for more reading;HaraldBalder10BestExPatArrivals
We hope you find this article for Best Places to Live in Bangkok useful.  Please consider us for your or your friends’ housing needs; serving Bangkok for over 12 years with Residential Rentals, Sales, and Property Management
Thaidox Co., LTD | BangkokFinder™ | BPM™ All rights reserved © 2004-2016
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