Bangkok Property Lease Information – Signing

Signing a Property Lease in Bangkok

Here is some helpful property lease information about the signing of lease agreements with ‘landlords’ and the technicalities of renting a condo in Bangkok Thailand. Contract Signing for your Apartment or condominium in Thailand need not be a complicated matter if you’re prepared ahead of time and know what to expect. Basically you will need:property lease agreements - BangkokFinder
  • your passport
  • a copy of your passport/visa page
  • 2 months deposit
  • first month’s rent to secure your new home

Money for Rent and Deposit

When it comes to signing the property lease, the owner of the house will sometimes actually ask you for as much as a two or three months deposit plus the amount due for the month. The deposit is required in case you leave any damage to the apartment or condo after departure, as well as for repairs should there be any needed. A part of the deposit will be taken if there are any damages and if no damages then you can get the deposit back by the end of the rental agreement which is usually up to one year. One should read carefully the entire agreement in order to understand all that is expected of all parties before signing. As stated you are entitled to a copy and ask for one.

Considerations for Selecting a Leased Property

It’s a good idea to get familiar with the potential area you will live in.  Check it out during the day and at a night. Get to know the neighborhood and the resources its offers. Important items to be considered while viewing the surrounding area are as follows:
  • Is there a nearby park? (Especially for children)
  • Are there any loud animals near the building that will disturb you?
  • Are there convenient places nearby to do food shopping or for general supplies?
  • Is there easy access to the BTS or MRT for fast transport all over the city ?
  • If you have school age children how far as the schools?

Security and Safety

Security of the building, elevators and exterior portions of the property should also be looked into especially if you have a family or have to work late at night. Most of the good condos in Bangkok have security services with two or more security guards. Most condo juristic management offices have video surveillance systems at a minimum.

Get to know the Neighborhood

Talking to the neighbors and those living in area surrounding your potential apartment is always a good idea so that you can learn very quickly if this is the right place for you. Asking our agents any questions that you may have is also a good idea because they have been dealing with some of the same Bangkok Apartments for many years and know the areas well.