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thaidoxlogo_ill10-convertedThaidox Co., LTD | BangkokFinder™ | BPM™ :  has been serving Bangkok community with professional services in sales and rentals of Bangkok based residential properties for over 12 years.  Since 2014 we expanded into Property Management Services; under the brand BPM™ (Bangkok Property Management).  We have been a trusted partner for many clients. Because of this, we are now expanding our offering with even more enhanced services. Property Management Services in Bangkok It is vital to have a trusted partner to act on your behalf as an intermediary is a valuable asset; whether simply front ending service requests on up to managing income & expenses; we are here to serve you. Our reputation is fast growing as a reliable and competent resource for managing property units for Thai Nationals,  Expatriates,  and Foreign Nationals. We represent you the owner, so you can   tend to other business, or chooses to remain anonymous between tenants and service vendors.
We offer three levels of property management services to find the best options that fit your lifestyle and needs.  We can custom fit a plan to help you today.

3 Levels of Property Management Service Options


Level I Property Management Service

  • Service call management; for urgent & emergency requests
  • On call / Standby service for emergencies; when an urgent task must be completed
  • Your property is a priority to us and we will do everything we can to get it rented
  • Free professional photography service for your unit
  • Property listing through BangkokFinder property listing website and networking to other agents to help get your unit rented Standard commission rates apply for real estate agency services
  • Pricing quote based on unit size; typically 12% of annual lease/rent amounts
  • This Level excludes routine checkups, reports, or involvement with any upgrades, or standard maintenance issues; these are offered with our Level II Service

Level II Property Management Service

  • Our most popular Level includes all from Level I and the following:
  • Manage day to day requests from tenants, find repairmen, supervise repairs
  • A monthly incident report is provided
  • Complimentary photography of your unit(s) for quality listing purposes
  • Call Management, Repairs, Routine Maintenance, General Support, etc.
  • Pricing quote based on unit size

Level III Property Management Service

  • Our highest service includes all from Level I and Level II and the following:
  • Rent collection & Service Vendor payment option
  • Onsite agent support when other agencies show property
  • We act entirely on your behalf to manage all issues
  • Pricing quote based on unit size
  Consider us for your housing needs; serving Bangkok for over 12 years in Residential Rentals, Sales, and Property Management.   Thaidox Co., LTD | BangkokFinder™ | BPM™ All rights reserved © 2004-2016