Best Area to Stay While Traveling in Bangkok

Bangkok is a city rich with culture, adventures and many levels of style. With over 1,600 km and nearly 8 million people here, finding the ideal spot can be both time-consuming and daunting. Hopefully this guide will help to determine the best place to stay while traveling in Bangkok; there are probably a few things to consider to help with the best choice.


In Asia, I have found TripAdvisor to be one of the more reliable sources, for both food and hotel, or hostel. I would certainly never rely on a travel agent or tour company, unless they’re highly reputable.

Khao San Road

For the Backpacker and first taste of Bangkok, Khao San Road is a popular destination. It’s close enough to get to most of the historical sites, plenty of restaurants and shops, close enough to get to the citys’ main train lines. This is popular for many younger Backpackers, looking for affordable commodation, and crazy fun times. Many places can be a bit loud, as night life rolls on sometimes into the early hours. There are a handful of higher-end places, such as Riva Surya, and Chillax is reasonable and fairly quiet, reportedly.

Riverside and Silom

For those with families, or looking for a deeper culture connection, the Riverside area, along Sathorn can be quite enchanting, still very central to a lot of historical sites and beautiful night views. It certainly higher in price, both for visitors and for locals who stay here. There are two sides to the river, 1 on the Grand Palace side, and the other on the west side. The only catch to staying on the west side is that you would typically have to grab a Riverboat which most hotels and condos provide free of charge, or you would need to be along the BTS train so that you could easily get over to some of the historical sites on the east side of the river.

Sukhumvit Area

Probably one of the most popular areas however is the Sukhumvit area, which runs from the Chidlom area, all the way up to Bearing and beyond. The main BTS line centers Sukhumvit all the way along the street. The BTS is probably the best way to get around along the area.

Chidlom and Siam

Chidlom and Siam areas have some of the nicer shopping areas, eateries, and hotels. It is also one of the busiest business hub areas.

Nana and Asok

The Nana and Asok sections house two of the most popular nightlife spots in Bangkok; Nana Plaza (Soi 4) and the Soi Cowboy (between Asok and Soi 23), are lined with drinking/girl dancing, and music establishments to tantalize one’s taste.  Certainly a favorite amongst single men.  Soi 8 and 11 are more tame but offer some great nightlife for couples. There’s a good mixture of quite affordable places starting at $20 per night USD, on up to $150 per night or more. One of my favorites was the Park Plaza on Asok.

Phrom Phong to Ekkamai

Further on up the Sukhumvit are Phom Phong, Thonglor, and Ekkamai areas more popular for families and couples with more discriminant taste.  Again, TripAdvisor would be a great resource to determine the right style and price range, with plenty of reviews to check out.

Phra Khanong

Moving on up to Phra Khanong and On Nut is much more of the local city vibe, massages and food are more affordable, and you can find several places to stay for roughly $30 a night average. This is presently my favorite section, as it’s a good mix of local professionals and quiet area of the city.

Airport Stays

Both airports have local accommodations to stay, but as expected they’re both high-priced and few offer great service. Reportedly there is a place closer to the Suvanapumi Airport which is Affordable and has reasonable service. The summit windmill Golf Course houses several hotels, including a Le Meridian.

Other Recommendations

Here’s a great link you can copy/paste into your browser that offers more specific reviews and information on hotels and places to stay to help with your TripAdvisor comparisons Nerdnomads

Khao Yai

If you’ve got the time and can hire or rent out a car, Khao Yai is an incredible area for enjoying Thailand nature. Less than 2 hours away, one can enjoy wineries, clean air, cycling, the national park, dairy farms, skydiving, and golf