General Food and Water Related issues In Bangkok Thailand

The eating in Bangkok Thailand is great, and eating is only a part of the adventure and experience. You might want to take some precaution (a Hep A vaccination would be on the top of the list. Taking some common sense precautions may save a lot of headaches of being locked up all day near a bathroom in your hotel. Some people even get the bug as soon as they arrive so be prepared and follow some precautions as these. Yet the only place I ever had food poisoning is in Las Vega so who can know.

Water in Bangkok

Please be advised definitely not to drink tap water outside of Bangkok.In Bangkok it will depend on your Hotel or condo. Outside the city it may not health standards in many places so please drink bottled water if unsure. By drinking bottled water you can avoid the harmful bacteria that are in the water. This bacteria can cause diarrhea and nausea. This is one way to avoid getting ill from the bacteria. Although if its in your Bangkok Apartment or Bangkok Condo you will know if its safe and other tenants will let you know. The city water supply is certified as safe but when it goes through the pipes of some buildings or holding tank it could be a problem.

Food in Bangkok

Please use your basic common sense again when it comes to food. Most of the time the food in the Bangkok hotels and restaurants are safe, but be careful of sidewalk food stands, any hot food stand should be just fine for freshly cooked food is one way to get rid of the bad bacteria. Yet if its sitting around for a while beware. Please make sure your food has been cooked and hasn’t sat around where flies have accumulated on it or bacteria can grow. Some people say eat where you see the Thai’s eat if you want to try the street vendors in Bangkok. The cuisine of Thailand has a tendency to be spicy. This helps give flavor and upset some western bellis. So make sure you know what mild means in Thailand ! Please eat the shell fish at your own risk. Most people get them out of a local grocery store where you know they have been check for bacteria. Just be cautious in all shell fish aspects. If you do want to eat it, please make sure that they have steamed the shell fish like the mussels, clams and oysters. With all other meats just make sure it is cooked well and not been sitting around.

Diseases and Precautions

There are lots of parasites, bacteria and viruses, all of which can be ingested by food, water and utensils. Yellow fever, malaria and several other still exist in Thailand and other countries but are rare in the city. The most serious one is Hep A (known as Hepatitis A). It is found in Bangkok Thailand and you need to take precautions even in the city. Personal Hygiene is not a prominent thing in Thailand. It has been said that in several restaurants, the cooks use the bathroom and do not wash after doing so. Well I do not know, seems like everywhere to me. I guess that is why there are some laws in country’s that makes it mandatory. Aside from not washing their hands type complaints there does not seem too many things I have personally witnessed. Make sure that you check your glasses and utensils to see if they are dirty, if so send them back and get a new one.

Medical Treatments In Bangkok Thailand

If you do happen to get sick with diarrhea or vomiting, the most important thing is to stay hydrated. If it last more that 48 hours please go see a doctor they can help you with what ever you need. If needed they can even give you an antibiotic or fluids which will help you . Make sure that you follow all the direction that the doctor has given you, that includes taking all of the medication that was prescribed. While taking your antibiotic please make sure that you have some type of yogurt it will put the good bacterial back in your body so that you can feel better. All the clinics in Bangkok are familiar with travelers illness from food and water.