Considering Bangkok Real Estate Investment ?

Is Bangkok a Good Place to Invest in Real Estate?

Bangkok Real Estate has not changed over the years. If you’ve lived in Bangkok for more than 10 years, then you’ve noticed Bangkok’s Real Estate industry is relatively stable.  In fact, had you invested in a Bangkok property only 5 years ago, (with US dollars), you would have also seen a rise in the value of your investment;  partially aided by the rise of the Baht against the US Dollar.  Had you set it up as a rental property investment, you would have benefited with income from that investment as well.
Bangkok Real Estate

Bangkok Condo on the canal

The general nature of the Thai people, who own property, is to “sit on it” until they get the price they want; which is typically not found other places where the attitude is more of “sell before it goes too low”.  There is seldom a rush in the Thai Real Estate market to sell quickly.

Bangkok Real Estate Investment Rising Prices in Several Areas

Bangkok is a city in constant growth.  There is still a lot of land available for development, though prime property locations diminish each year. The supply of new developments into the market help keep prices stable; however in more desirable areas, prices have risen significantly.  Properties along Sukhumvit in areas such as Phrom Phom, Thonglor, Ekkamai, Asoke, and Wireless Road have grown immensely. The price of new construction will continue to increase, although newer developments have smaller units than  older buildings;  which are more spacious, yet still maintain their value.

Bangkok Real Estate Investment to Diversify

The value of the property does not decrease significantly compared to other areas, like the United States, where property cannot be sold for even 1/3 the purchase price.  Bangkok is typically very stable; loss potential is very low..

Flipping Real Estate Investments

One of the best ways to make money in real estate in Bangkok is to take an older unit, fix it up and “flip it”.  Labor is relatively inexpensive to carry out the work of renovation.  Places near transportation, such as the BTS Sky Train are diamonds in the rough for fixer-uppers.  Phra Khanong, and On Nut areas, for example, are experiencing the effects of urban sprawl, thus more low rise and high rise condo units are being built, opening up the options to purchase and sell many of the townhouses along the main roads.  Many of these include a retail space with 2 to 3 stories above them.