Guide for Foreigners to Buying A Condominium in Bangkok

Decided with the country that you want to invest or live in? Great! Bangkok? Fantastic! Welcome to the vibrant city I must add! Buying a property in a foreign land is itself a very daunting task especially when one is still unsure and confused of the different areas and neighborhood of the foreign land. Throw in the law of the land which you know practically of nothing at all makes it even more daunting a task ever. Hence, the below is a brief but hopefully clear explanation which would help tremendously in understanding the local law when it comes to real estate market in Bangkok. Continue reading
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Can Foreigners Buy a Property in Bangkok?

Bangkok is one of the best destinations for tourists; it is already a fact that there are numerous tourist visits Bangkok each year, about eleven million people. These people learn to accept and love the culture, tradition and lifestyle of Bangkok and decided to stay for longer period or move permanently here. Several immigrants from western countries (Europeans) and from Asian neighbor countries such as Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Myanmar choose to live here. Whatever reasons they have they are still welcome here in Bangkok. Continue reading
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Bangkok Properties: An Assessment of the Country’s Real Estate Industry

By the end of the March 2010 people started getting a sense of alert of the protests taking place in the capital. The reports from Europe were also signaling another Lehman Brothers in the form of Greece. The national budget deficit was bothering the people. In the first quarter of this year the anti-government rally brought the activities to stand still the in the Bangkok Central Business District (CBD). The main office areas of Silom, Rajprasong and Chitlom were mainly hit. Many a business had to operate from temporary premises outside CBD for uninterrupted operations and safety. Continue reading
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Bangkok Thailand for Families renting a home

Renting a home in Bangkok can be an fascinating experience when all goes well. It is a surprising, exotic city with an attraction for many curious travellers to this city, deep at the heart of South East Asia. Its beauty is perhaps unparalleled, making it a major tourist destination for travelers from around world. Outside Bangkok you have Thailand’s pristine beaches, surrounded by the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea. Imagine living in a Kingdom where the King presides over a majestic land filled with rich temples and colorful Buddhist monks; a place where almost nothing is short of spectacular. Where else can you see elephants roaming the streets like everyday ordinary pets, other than on the streets of Thailand. The country fills your appetite for exotic delights and leave you craving for more. Its rich multi-cultural mix will find you in the company of the most diverse and wonderful set of people you may ever meet. Continue reading
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Real Estate and Property Ownership in Thailand

The territory of Thailand lies in the heart of Southeast Asia, covering the area of 511,771 sq km that is divided into seventy six provinces. It has maximum dimensions of around 2,500 kilometers north to south and 1,250 kilometers east to west, with a coastline of approximately 1,840 kilometers on the Gulf of Thailand and 865 kilometers along the Indian Ocean. Thailand is divided into four natural regions. These regions are the North, the Central Plain or Chao Phraya River Basin, the Northeast or the Korat Plateau and the South or Southern Peninsula.

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