Bangkok: Real Estate for Tourists

Bangkok is an expansive metropolis with an ever rising number of people. Along with this rise also comes a rapid increase of property developments in the city’s major districts. Thailand is a great tourist destination. This is the reason why many foreign investors and multinational companies invest their properties in this sprawling city. Investors find it very beneficial to devote their business here because of the worthwhile return of investment. Other than businessmen many foreigners choose to live and settle here and make the most of their life because the cost of living is inexpensive and buying a place to stay permanently is easy and affordable. With cheaper prices per square meter, you might want to invest on real estate here.

Foreign Investors

Investing in condos and houses are feasible choices for foreign investors who are fascinated in investing real estate properties in Bangkok. Whether you are on a budget or not, there are condominiums that can fit within your budget spectrum. If you are planning to buy such properties in Bangkok and then only live in them for certain months in a year you can always rent it out to other tourists like you. This way you can make your investment earn even if you are not around.

Strict Restrictions

Thailand has strict restriction regarding foreigners owning lands but you can own one yourself if you know how to work around the law. Most foreigners prefer to buy land in the outskirts where exclusive homes also rise. This way you can also save a lot of money since properties in these areas are way cheaper. If you are desperate in buying a home here you can also opt to have a proxy through a Thai spouse. However, this is not very advisable in cases of disputes. The easiest way to invest in a property in Bangkok is by buying a condo unit because this is the only real estate that foreigners are allowed to purchase.

Best Places to Buy in Thailand

Bangkok has many districts that are adorned by reputable condominiums for tourists to explore and choose from. The major districts that house some of the best accommodations of the city include Sathorn, Sukhumvit, and Silom. Most condominium units in these areas are usually forty five to eighty square meters and have single or double bedrooms. High condos in this area have bigger and more rooms but are also more costly. One of the most popular areas for foreigners is Sukhumvit. If you want continuous fun and negative boredom you can choose to stay here, rent a serviced apartment, or buy a condo unit. This Bangkok district is the largest expatriate hub in the city. If you live here you will have no trouble finding great restaurants that cater to the food you prefer to eat every day. There are also shops here that focus on selling what expats or foreigners use during their vacation or stay. This area is without doubt a wonderful place to invest your money since most of this capital city’s best attraction and accommodations are located here.