Sukhumvit Bangkok: One of the More Popular Areas in Thailand

It is always expected for any tourist who comes to Bangkok to have the time of his life. Bangkok, Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and for good reason. When you come here you will never realize an ounce of boredom. It is a city that possesses all kinds of fun for all kinds of people. With its many amazing scenery and attractions, this city always has something for every traveler. The easiest way to make the most of the city is by touring its different districts. Sukhumvit is one such district. Consider to take a long hike as its one of the longest roads and busiest in Bangkok. Continue reading
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Health Insurance For Expats In Bangkok Thailand

Expatriates relocating to the Kingdom of Thailand are bound to have some concerns about health care facilities and the countries insurance system , considering the fact that the environment, culture and food would be vastly different from their country of birth. After understanding the standard of living, accommodation and other issues, foreigners should make an attempt to know other issues like health care and insurance before taking the final plunge. However if the truth is something different from what you expected, don’t let these small issues affect your decision. Health care in Bangkok Thailand is not only excellent its available in many strategic places around the city. Continue reading
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General Food and Water Related issues In Bangkok Thailand

The eating in Bangkok Thailand is great, and eating is only a part of the adventure and experience. You might want to take some precaution (a Hep A vaccination would be on the top of the list. Taking some common sense precautions may save a lot of headaches of being locked up all day near a bathroom in your hotel. Some people even get the bug as soon as they arrive so be prepared and follow some precautions as these. Yet the only place I ever had food poisoning is in Las Vega so who can know. Continue reading
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Can Foreigners Buy a Property in Bangkok?

Bangkok is one of the best destinations for tourists; it is already a fact that there are numerous tourist visits Bangkok each year, about eleven million people. These people learn to accept and love the culture, tradition and lifestyle of Bangkok and decided to stay for longer period or move permanently here. Several immigrants from western countries (Europeans) and from Asian neighbor countries such as Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Myanmar choose to live here. Whatever reasons they have they are still welcome here in Bangkok. Continue reading
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