Best Time to Go to Thailand

Time for Holiday

Thailand is a culture that enjoys many warm seasons and holidays. I don’t think I have ever experienced a country with more holidays than in Thailand. Bangkok probably outranks most countries when it comes to the amount of migrant workers from the country farm lands into Bangkok. It is probably what is perpetuating a lot of the major infrastructure and railways to help accommodate these migrant workers who live as far as and 8 hour drive away from the city. The best time to go to Thailand is really almost any time, as there is always something going on, such as Buddhist celebrations, to help mark the seasons.

The Seasons in Thailand

There are three main seasons in Thailand and those are the hot season which typically starts in February/March and can last into May and a bit of June, followed by the rain season that runs from June till about late September early October, and then there’s the ideal season or the cool season which is from mid-October till roughly February time frame. The latter is probably the best time to visit Thailand where people gather for the Loi Krathong celebration in late November. It is a time of putting past grievances, failures, passing’s to rest and is celebrated with a beautiful River Light celebration where these small boats or small floats are put together and things are sent Downstream. Interesting you will always see flowers very prevalent in Thai Society; white flowers are typically reserved for the Buddha, and it is considered disrespectful to smell those flowers before placing them at the Buddha’s feet or wherever you place them.

When Does it Get Hot in Thailand?

The hot season from March through the beginning of June requires drinking a lot of water, and it’s recommended not to drink so much caffeine in coffee or alcohol during the day. Dehydration is probably one of the most common causes of hospital when people go to Thailand. I have been visiting here for the past 10 years and now full-time for 2 years and can tell you that the heat is quite bearable; and can be helped by what your diet is. If you want to stay cool then don’t eat a lot of meats or breads, instead rely on fruits, vegetables, low oils, low salts and such and you will survive the heat quite well. The summer heat is also greeted by Thailand’s biggest celebration (and virtually everywhere in Southeast Asia in some form) in mid to late April known as the Songkran festival, which is a water celebration that can last anywhere from 2 to 5 days depending on the district in Thailand that you are in. Just imagine a water fight that lasts all day, it’s a lot of fun and if someone comes up and get you wet or puts flour on your face it is most polite to smile and thank them for it, and then get them back!!

When is the rainy season in Thailand?

This leaves the rainy season which I actually enjoy quite well for various reasons, it gives me time to write to catch up on things and it’s a bit more indoor time. Very seldom this a drop below cold temperatures here. 60 degrees in Bangkok is virtually unheard of, which is one of the reasons I enjoy living in this part of the world is the weather is so agreeable for health. The monsoon rains can be quite strong and in some cases can last several days depending on the storm fronts that come through. Flash floods are quite reoccurring so do take weather warnings seriously.

Where to Go in Thailand

Most people who visit Thailand for the first time will visit Bangkok first. The first times I came to visit Thailand, here I visited Bangkok for a week then went down to Phuket for a week, over to Koh Samui for a week and then down to Pattaya. When I came back many other times I chose to visit New areas like Chiang Mai and Udon Thani, Nong Khai. Thailand in general is fairly safe compared to what you may read about, given the population here and the amount of incidents that happened it’s best to keep yourself in well-lit areas and in common areas, but if you do pick up a flair for the culture and the language, you will find Thai people very accommodating and quite pleasant to spend time with.

Various Places to Live in Bangkok

Asia has become an even more popular continent because of its many vacation spots. One of its most popular nations is Thailand and this country boasts of its capital city which is Bangkok. Today, it has become a highly westernized city with a population of over eleven million. It also retains some of the old aspects of Asia. The number of people are a mixture of locals and expatriates. An enticing factor about this city is that it has a climate that draws people from all over the world to visit its magnificent surroundings. The natural facade combined with a modern flare is one thing that makes this city a trendy and an incomparable vacation destination.

Visiting and Living there

Bangkok is a very interesting place to visit and live because the entertainment here is not just focused on one area, but it is spread all throughout the city. It has several major districts that houses and welcomes varied nationalities. You will have no problem getting around the city because of good public transit system. Locals here are used to the presence of tourists and they will surely accommodate you in the best way possible. There are many districts of the city which are the most recommended places for you to find a place to live or short term stay.

Spending Time in Sukhumvit

Among the most popular districts in Bangkok is Sukhumvit. This is an area of the city famously known for its markets and shopping malls and tourist. You will enjoy here shopping until you drop because the prices of goods are relatively cheaper than your usual western standards. In this district you will be able to find beautiful and affordable clothing, shoes, souvenirs, and so much more. Known as the longest and main road of the city, Sukhumvit also has an array of condominiums, apartments, and hotels for you to choose for shorter or longer stays.

Sukhumvit Nightlife – Silom Nice

Bangkok has a vibrant and rich night life and you will surely fancy a visit to the dozens of clubs and restaurants in this city. After shopping in Sukhumvit, you can complete your day at another equally amazing district – Silom.

Silom Living & Parties

It has many of the best clubs and bars of the city where you can enjoy rounds of drinks with friends. Entertainment here is never ending and the fun never seizes. Once the sun starts to rise, this area transforms into a business hub that shows multinational corporations in its busy blocks. If you are a businessman or business traveler you could opt to choose a condo or real estate here close to work.In the evenings find some very nice places to eat and relax. Silom is easy to get to as both the MRT (underground) and BTS Skytrain have stops in Silom. Of course you could take a bus or taxi. Silom is referred to as the Wall Street of Bangkok

Ploenchit, Chitlom Areas

This is a nice area with the Intercontinental Hotel in the area and Erewan Shrine. Its a small part of the central Bangkok area and rather upscale. Some embassies are there along wireless road and some very upscale Bangkok Condos and Apartments. The BTS (skytrain) runs right by and there are easy stops arrive. Ploenchit is also a business area where you can purchase great real estate. Chit Lom is the classiest area of the city where properties are quite expensive.

Japanese in Thong Lo

This is where the Bangkokfinder offices are. The area is filled with restaurants, Japanese dominate this area and you can see a lot of Japanese signs. Its a very relaxing area near the Emporium mall and is larger residential type area. Its off the BTS (skytrain) and easy to walk around. There are many very nice Bangkok condos and apartments and some houses which are quite upscale as well.

Finding the right Bangkok neighborhood

There are so many various areas in Bangkok to stay to live or visit each with its own characteristics, charm and personality. You certainly can find the place that fits you and your needs the best. We at Bangkokfinder can help in your search and have the knowledge and helpful staff to assist you to find a place to stay here.Contact us through our web site form or call.