Tips on How to Travel from Bangkok to Krabi Thailand

Krabi is an amazing destination in the south of Thailand just north of the island of Phuket. We will help with some options to help determine  the best way to travel from Bangkok to Krabi that works for your travel plans.

Krabi by Plane

There are more than 20 flights per day to Krabi from both airports in Bangkok. Bangkok to Krabi (KBV). A simple google search on ‘flights from Bangkok to Krabi’ will reveal the best options for you. Once at the airport and there are shuttle buses and taxis that can take you to your destination. You can optionally Rent-A-Car for anywhere between $30 a day on up. It’s a little more expensive at the airport obviously and there are some local places on Facebook you could find more affordably.

Krabi by Train

This is my preferred method of travel although it does take considerable more time, but you get to see some amazing scenery and Views that you normally would never get to see. From Bangkok you would take the MRT Station to Hua Lamphong and walk directly to the SRT train terminal. There are some services that offer ticket purchase online, you cannot for various options of glasses from First Class 2 the regular commuter. You would take the train to SuratThani and from there obtain a bus to go across to Krabi or locate a rental car. While you’re in the Surat Thani area you may want to enjoy some great Seafood, which is both fresh and affordable. You’re also a ferry boat ride away from Koh Samui, as well.

Krabi by Car

Car rentals are fairly reasonable when you obtain them outside of the airports. Out of Bangkok you can probably expect closer to $50 a day for car rental. You could optionally hire driver for roughly $90 a day, plus gas and tip. Be aware that we are driving on the left side of the road and if you’ve never done it before it can be very confusing and not recommended. If you do choose to drive please be specially aware of motorbike drivers as there are many more here in Thailand then probably your home country. Also give people plenty of room and assume that they might do something silly like drift into your lane, which is quite common. It seems that dividing lanes are more of a suggestion here than a requirement LOL.

Krabi by Bus

There are various classes of buses so you could take from the two main bus terminals near the BTS Ekamai or Mo Chit stations. At Mo Chit you will need to grab a quick taxi over to the bus terminal. The buses that you see on the street at BTS are not the buses you want to take. VIP buses can be chartered online as well but most of the online services tack on a 20% or more a service fee.

While in Krabi

Krabi has two sides to the island, one is the more touristy area with a small quaint street that house many restaurants and places to stay. The other is a very nature rich more jungle tropical type of environment that is absolutely peaceful, with some wonderful local restaurants and various Buddhist stupas to see.  The internet is rich with history and information on Krabi.

Traveling in Thailand

I try to be very conscientious traveler and invite good nature and attitude whenever traveling to a foreign country. Sadly at times some foreigners seem to think they can dictate their own ways and preferences when traveling. This really goes against the entire culture in Thailand, and it’s much better to adapt to how they are, even though language could be frustrating it’s a much happier experience when people just relax and enjoy a great surroundings.