Expat Life Thailand

My life in Thailand after visiting for almost 10 years since 2008, and then living in Thailand full time the past two years, it seemed a good time to share some information and insight. For me, the attraction goes far beyond the sweet smiles and gals, it’s the affordable living, great food options, incredible weather, golf, historical sites, and the overall Buddhist approach toward things.

Rest Facilities in Thailand

Utilizing facilities was an interesting adjustment here, as most Thais use water cleansing as part of their personal hygiene, which is something we somehow missed in the states and other supposed developed countries. The idea of cleansing with water is both intelligent and hygienic. That being said there may be a rest stop or two along the roads that made me really have a squatting hole, literally in which to do your business and then a bucket of water with a plastic pail in which you would cleanse yourself. Ironically this is probably the healthiest way to discard waste from your body as it puts you in a full squat position which literally opens up the angle to help purge waste from the body. At the same time you may have to pop a squat, you’ll go to some malls in Bangkok and they literally have very high-end bidet toilet seats, that allow you to adjust the strength of the spray and even the temperature. I have a tendency to wanna sit there and enjoy the experience myself. But on average you will find most toilets have a cleansing hose which is probably the smartest thing I’ve ever seen and still surprises me that we don’t have it in the states.Oh, and it’s a good idea to carry your own stock of tissues to dry your hands.. I suggest handkerchiefs as they can be used in many ways with the hot weather and wet hands.

Golf in Thailand

Thailand brings probably one of the best golf experiences I have had, as there are many courses in varying conditions, however with some of the advanced grass available, and Golf Course Maintenance expertise with such companies as Quality Golf Asia, the greens roll impeccably well and fairways quite enjoyable.

Coupled by the experience of always having a caddy by your side to helpfind your errantly shot ball, give you advice on putting lines, and safe shots to stay in play. Thailand has fast become a great destination for golf and is fairly affordable with some of the online discount tools as GolfWow and GolfDigg.

Food in Thailand

One could literally live on two to $3 of food a day here. Most food courts found in most malls have a hearty meal for under $2. There are certainly restaurants that can push the envelope up to $20 or more, and there are some great Seafood river cruises where you can eat like a king for $60.  There are now convenient food delivery services all over the place from companies like happy fresh and honestbee to name a few.

Music in Thailand

Several well known artists have been slowly but surely coming to Bangkok’s mainstages. For smaller venues there are quite a few great musicians with places to enjoy live music and dancing. There is a surprising number of expatriate musicians here, although it considered illegal for them to play without a ‘work permit’, though there are some Open Mic places that when can get out play their instrument and enjoy.Clubs along Sukhumvit are Soul Bar, Nothing But the Blues, CheckInn99, Saxophone Bar, Smalls, Apoteka, Wine Bibber, Titanium, Black Cabin, Brick Bar, Iron Fairies, to name a few.An easy Google search will reveal locations.

Working in Thailand

There are several protected jobs that a foreigner absolutely under no condition can take. Jobs such as construction workers, waiters or waitresses, most medial labor jobs are reserved for Thai nationalists. Specialized jobs such as attorneys, or accountants is are also reserved. There is however a lot of opportunity 4 professionally experienced text Pat to work in advisory roles, consultative rolls where there in 8 knowledge is passed on to help an organization. Some expats will work in law firms not to practice law, but to help advise the Thai staff of strategy and approach toward cases as well as fortifying the offerings that law firm can offer.

Traveling in Thailand

There are so many ways to get around, between airplane, several different rail systems, taxis, rentals, motorbikes. Interesting Lee it’s quite a fordable to take a flight throughout the country for as little as 800 baht. There are a few reserved destinations such as Koh Samui, which has privately owned airport and is quite expensive to get in and out of the island. Aside from this, the state Railway system is very affordable and they have a great sleeper night train one could enjoy by catching a train around 6 or 7 p.m.

Massage in Thailand

Ok, aside from the typical happy ending jokes, there are some great health benefits to massage, Thai massage (which, by the way, is a vigorous workout in itself!), foot massages (a great way to wind down) and so affordable!For as little as $8 USD you can get a great and depending on where you go will have different flavors of add-ons; oil, aromatherapy, and other.