Foreigners Buying Condos – Information and Definitions

Requirements for Foreigners Purchasing Condos

The 1991 Condominium Act dictates that all expats or foreigners purchasing condos must transfer funds from overseas, in foreign currency (not Thai baht). You then need to obtain a “Foreign Exchange Transaction Form” certificate from the beneficiary bank, for each transfer. All original certificates must be presented to the Land Department to register the condominium into records.

Foreigners Purchasing CondosTaxes on Condo Transfers

Individuals or other legal entities are subject to taxation on the sale of the property.

Expenses and Fees on Condo Transfer

There is a 2% (average) transfer fee for condos which are paid either by the owner or buyer, or can be a shared expense between both parties, based on agreement.

Sinking Fund & CAM FeesForeigners Purchasing Condos

New condo projects require a buyer to pay a one-time fee upon transfer of the property to be used for major renovations and replacement of equipment when required, for building upkeep. This does not preclude the any future CAM (common agent management) fees or annual building service maintenance fees voted in by the Condo’s AGM (annual general meeting) and JPM (juristic person manager).

Electric Meter

Registration of an electricity meter is required for new purchases, and a transfer fee applies for any future unit sale.  

Condo Ownership Terms and Definitions

AGM – Annual General Meeting used to determine regulations and initiatives for the management and maintenance of a specific condo. Each condo has its own JPM, Committee, and annual AGM for making quorum decisions (3 to 9 members) CJP – Condominium Juristic Person Committee – Board of Directors – 3 to 9 persons (must be an odd number) to constitute a quorum for voting on initiatives presented by its members CO – Competent Official – a Ministry appointed officer to enforce the Condo Act via Land Office enforcement EGM – Extraordinary General Meeting is a meeting to resolve open issues when an AGM doesn’t settle its agenda JPM – Juristic Person Manager an AGM assigned entity of legal responsibility of a given condo JP – Juristic Person – a delegated manager of the JPM (reportedly) Maintenance Fund – AGM determined amount paid via CAM fees Regulations = Condo specific rules and guidelines voted in at an AGM Sinking Fund – A one-time assessment fee paid by the first buyers of a condo in a new building TCL – Thai Condo Law More on the Thai Condo Act >>   We hope you found this article for Foreigners Purchasing Condos helpful. Please consider us for your housing needs; serving the Expat community relocation to Bangkok for over 12 years with Residential Condo & House Rentals, Sales, and Property Management Services.   Thaidox Co., LTD | BangkokFinder™ | BPM™ All rights reserved © 2004-2016