Sukhumvit Bangkok: One of the More Popular Areas in Thailand

It is always expected for any tourist who comes to Bangkok to have the time of his life. Bangkok, Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and for good reason. When you come here you will never realize an ounce of boredom. It is a city that possesses all kinds of fun for all kinds of people. With its many amazing scenery and attractions, this city always has something for every traveler. The easiest way to make the most of the city is by touring its different districts. Sukhumvit is one such district. Consider to take a long hike as its one of the longest roads and busiest in Bangkok. Bangkok has a lot of areas where you can relax and enjoy from morning until the break of dawn. One place in this city that makes every tourist want to go back for more is Sukhumvit Road. Known as the longest road in Thailand, it is home to the city’s major tourist destinations. It has earned its title as Bangkok’s most exciting district because it is place that mixes sophistication with loud and colorful entertainments from famous adult entertainment to most sophisticated shopping. It is also a serene district that allows adults to spoil their time with great food, drinks and conversation.

Sukhumvit Road Nights and Activity

Sukhumvit Road is a hub of all sorts of activities. Here you can find modern building surrounded by colorful commercial stalls all of which are waiting for you to discover. Every trinket and tourist item is available in the every changing stalls. This long road has hunderds of vendors selling everything imaginable from boot leg DVD’s to fancy knives and T-shirts. What’s more is that in its busy sidewalks you can see an assorted collection of different nationalities. When you come here you will be tempted to go inside many of its prestigious restaurants and Soi’s that serve exemplary pastries and coffees and find about anything you want. Quite a variety and unique items for sale and to see.

Sukhumvit Road Entertainment Zones

When the sun starts to set in its most comfortable position the night in Sukhumvit begins to unfold. Night bars and restaurants sweep the area as if dragging tourists to come in. If you are a night owl then you can surely party like a rock star in many of its affordable and classy bars. Sukhumvit is a place in Bangkok where you can find the most fashionable and chic venues. This area is also has serveral red light districts called here the entertainment plazas, offering many of the most beautiful women for lonely and adventurous tourists. There are two main places Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza both off of Sukhumvit Road all accessible by the skytrain. Those who go will expirence the strange life of lady boys and exotic dancers. See for your self its a strange site to behold. Yet do not worry its somewhat hidden. The places for the ladies are found at many locations along Sukhumvit Road and the worlds oldest profession flourishes here. This is all due to the tourist traffic and its not annoying nor are they aggressive. The Thais have a live and let live attitude and this basic philosophy also applies the working girls. It is pleasant and not like is in the States where you feel like your being accosted.It blends in well. As pleasant and casual at all seems make no mistake, these are working girls and its doubtful anyone will find their soul mate along Sukhumvit. Entertaining it is indeed if you walk this street especially down towards Asoke Road at night you will enjoy just with the people watching.

Rentals, Condos, Apartments and Accommodations along Sukhumvit

From high end luxury condos to rather affordable studios there is something for everyone along Sukhumvit Road. Hotels abound along Sukhumvit. When it comes to finding the best accommodations in this area, you do not have to shed a sweat because finding the best place to stay here is easy. Since it is place filled with tourists, hotels, condominiums, and apartments as well as many foreigners. From the plentiful varied hotels here that are complete with modern amenities that you might need. There are also affordable service apartments where you can stay for longer days of weeks. Additionally, Sukhumvit is also a place where real estate properties are up for grabs. If you want to purchase a Bangkok condo unit here or rent an apartment you contact us here at Bangkokfinder and our agents can accommodate you.