What is it Like to Live in Bangkok

Having been traveling throughout Thailand for the past 10 years and living in Bangkok full time for the last 2 years, I’ll do my best to relay my experiences as to what it is like to live in Bangkok.

Many Different Areas in Bangkok

There is certainly something for everyone in regard to style and budget; if your preference is the high life or a small more suburban area you are sure to find something that will fit your taste. Several stops along the BTS line that offer high-end shopping and living areas are Phrom Phong, Ploenchit, Chidlom, and Siam areas. Many lines along BTS and MRT extending two more local and suburban areas.

People in Bangkok

Bangkok is a little bit different than other areas in Thailand as its a busy City and people are there mainly to work.There are many people to travel in from the east part of the country known as the Isaan area, normally farming communities and smaller villages. I personally find the people from this area are much more from the heart and a bit more “jai dee” meaning ‘good heart’. You’ll find them everywhere in Bangkok, taxi drivers, most of your massage people, more of the serving community. The city is bustling with day-to-day business, street vendors, shopping malls, small bars, just a myriad of different options. A smile goes a long way here but it can mean several things. Transportation is quite affordable here and does great public transportation built into the city. So if you’re not in the mood to take the BTS, you can jump in a air-conditioned Taxi for maybe three times the normal $1 taxi fare it would cost to your destination. Like any big city there is good and bad, this place is you want to watch out for, but in general most places are fairly safe when you’re out on the main roads. For first-time visit here, rely on TripAdvisor as your coach, or you could use Agoda, or some might choose Airbnb.

Nightlife in Bangkok

There’s certainly no shortage of nightlife, anything from gentleman entertainment, to great music, to rich culture of both art museums and such. Over the past five years or so the city has expanded into many more rooftop bars which has become quite popular and quite enjoyable. With the warm night are being up in the sky and looking at the lights is quite breathtaking.

Food in Bangkok

It’s pretty amazing here because you have normal Thai Cuisine, coupled with Indian Cuisine coupled with Middle Eastern cuisine, now at Western food and you have your mainstream’s of food as well as some interesting fusion dishes which are quite entertaining. Thai food in itself has many different flavors from sweet, too salty, too sour and is quite healthy.

Amphawa Floating Market in Thailand – Bangkok Food

Housing in Bangkok

There are many options to live here and many are quite affordable. I myself live in a 35 square meter low-rise in the upper Sukhumvit area and it’s very quiet. I pay less than $500 a month and have a kitchen bedroom and enough space for myself.

Activities in Bangkok

They probably have pretty much everything you can imagine here, from movies to bowling to Billiards to darts, to name a few. There are many golf courses very close within 20 to 30 minutes of central Bangkok.  There’s a brand-new cycling complex close to the airport, indoor shooting ranges, there’s flight schools. I chuckle when people think that Thailand is a third world country, this is an emerging country and Bangkok is rapidly increasing in its ranks in the world. The opportunities for business and investment are also abound with the new EEC corridor, new roads and toll ways, new railways, as well as significant expansions in Phuket.