What to Bring When Travel to Bangkok

Traveling to foreign countries can be exciting, however when you come to Bangkok what to bring when travel to Bangkok really depends on the type of activities that you plan on. As a world traveler I’ve learned how to travel with about 4 days worth of clothes, I’ve learned how to wash my clothes in the shower and let them hang dry. It’s recommended you try to go as lightweight as possible, you can easily buy things here quite affordably, at MBK and other places like that, but it’s nice if you want to shoot down to Phuket or Pattaya or Samui or any other place then you don’t have to lug around so much luggage. If you come to Bangkok and you plan on some nightlife you may want to bring one pair of lightweight slacks, a couple of polo shirts or collared shirts for gentlemen. Ladies can get away with very light weight dark dresses and other.  For the most part you will not need any type of heavy jacket, you may want to bring a light sweater or a very lightweight fleece as some of the trains can actually be a little bit cold at times so it’s nice to have that option. For shoes it’s recommended that you have a pair of open-toed flip flops and a pair of light shoes to get around with and walk around with. The New Balance light weight version of tennis shoes, and new standard sandals should suffice. You want to wear light breathable cotton and poly blends that breathes well and will wick moisture. Bring a couple of good hats, if it’s possible to have them UV lined that would be ideal helps keep you a little bit cooler. It’s not a bad idea to pack a swimsuit, pair of sunglasses, and bring your own sunblock as it is a bit more expensive here it seems.


You could bring a small size UV umbrella or simply by one here fairly inexpensive. Keep copies of all of your passports, credit cards and such you should have a backup of somewhere. I recommend either use a Dropbox software account and secure passwords where you can create an online LastPass account we’re all your passwords and credit cards could be safely and securely stored.  There are more 7-Elevens in Bangkok probably then parking lots so you’ll have no trouble finding basic toiletries and such here.


The online applications that are typically used here are LINE and WhatsApp. It’s recommended that you download these and set them up in your hometown against your phone number. That way when you come over here and you’re on a Wi-Fi, you can easily communicate and connect to people. If you do get a local phone SIM, you may want to hold off on changing the phone number for either line or Whatsapp unless it requires you to. True, AIS are the more popular SIM card providers. Options can be for a one-week stay or longer, where you can do unlimited data for a very reasonable amount of money. People use telephones here about 20% of the time compared to the online apps. Having data here is far more effective than having telephone so just keep that in mind when your pricing out your sim plan.

Hydration is Important

While you’re here you want to drink a lot of water. Try to drink at least one leader in the morning and another leader at noon. If you’re going to drink alcohol or drink a lot of coffee, add another leader at least to your water intake. It’s quite easy for people to get caught up in the excitement and forget about the basics of hydration, remember as soon as you feel thirsty you’re already starting to become dehydrated.