Health Insurance For Expats In Bangkok Thailand

Expatriates relocating to the Kingdom of Thailand are bound to have some concerns about health care facilities and the countries insurance system , considering the fact that the environment, culture and food would be vastly different from their country of birth. After understanding the standard of living, accommodation and other issues, foreigners should make an attempt to know other issues like health care and insurance before taking the final plunge. However if the truth is something different from what you expected, don’t let these small issues affect your decision. Health care in Bangkok Thailand is not only excellent its available in many strategic places around the city. Continue reading
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General Food and Water Related issues In Bangkok Thailand

The eating in Bangkok Thailand is great, and eating is only a part of the adventure and experience. You might want to take some precaution (a Hep A vaccination would be on the top of the list. Taking some common sense precautions may save a lot of headaches of being locked up all day near a bathroom in your hotel. Some people even get the bug as soon as they arrive so be prepared and follow some precautions as these. Yet the only place I ever had food poisoning is in Las Vega so who can know. Continue reading
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Bangkok Thailand for Families renting a home

Renting a home in Bangkok can be an fascinating experience when all goes well. It is a surprising, exotic city with an attraction for many curious travellers to this city, deep at the heart of South East Asia. Its beauty is perhaps unparalleled, making it a major tourist destination for travelers from around world. Outside Bangkok you have Thailand’s pristine beaches, surrounded by the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea. Imagine living in a Kingdom where the King presides over a majestic land filled with rich temples and colorful Buddhist monks; a place where almost nothing is short of spectacular. Where else can you see elephants roaming the streets like everyday ordinary pets, other than on the streets of Thailand. The country fills your appetite for exotic delights and leave you craving for more. Its rich multi-cultural mix will find you in the company of the most diverse and wonderful set of people you may ever meet. Continue reading
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Live and Stay in Bangkok with Affordable Real Estate

Among the most popular destinations in Asia is Thailand. The tourist trend in this country has matched the thriving popularity of Thailand’s attractions. With Bangkok as its capital, the country has become the major entry point for millions of tourists every year. Another reason why foreigners flock this city is because it is an interesting place to visit because of its natural sceneries and modern attractions. This urban landscape is adorned with cultural sites such as Thai temples and historic statues. Modern architecture mixed with tradition is what makes Bangkok a magical place for everybody to enjoy.

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