Bangkok Properties: An Assessment of the Country’s Real Estate Industry

By the end of the March 2010 people started getting a sense of alert of the protests taking place in the capital. The reports from Europe were also signaling another Lehman Brothers in the form of Greece. The national budget deficit was bothering the people. In the first quarter of this year the anti-government rally brought the activities to stand still the in the Bangkok Central Business District (CBD). The main office areas of Silom, Rajprasong and Chitlom were mainly hit. Many a business had to operate from temporary premises outside CBD for uninterrupted operations and safety.

Real Estate Industry in Bangkok

Real Estate Industry in Bangkok Lease renewals were the main activity during the quarter. Prime office rentals were averaging at BHT 648 per sqm per month and have remained on the levels for last 4 quarters. The rentals were seen stagnant due to unrest. The lessees are to asses the possible unrest in future and risk factor associated with it, prior to lease renewals of the tenancy. The local and foreign businesses having long old association in the area will be continuing in the area, however new entrants will refrain from having their offices in the area. This will affect adversely the property market.

Retail Sector

The downtown retail sector was the worst hit. The malls were closed for eight consecutive weeks, huge losses of billions of Baht were seen in terms of lost revenues, looting and burning activities. The average occupancy was reduced and rentals remained unchanged. Midtown unaffected of crisis had witnessed better period, as occupants of downtown moved to these areas resulting improved occupancy. YOY 2% increases was seen in rentals as well. Both, in downtown and midtown no fresh sale came in the market for the first quarter. Shopping malls in the downtown area were damaged by arson activity. The worst was Central World where the front portion was burnt and it will take at least a year for rebuilding. In downtown the offered properties are reduced to one third for the second quarter. The worst affected is Sathorn Square which will be the largest office to be ready by end of year in CBD since Empire Tower in year 1999. Completion of the project is going to get prolonged. At the end of the fourth quarter, last year the assessment of the trend in property market was fuzzy. In the first quarter of this year the protests on the roads which were silent in Bangkok had become ugly.

The Debt Crisis

The debt crisis of Greece was far more than assessed. Greece contagion brought down larger countries in the wake leading to Global financial meltdown. The prices of the precious metals were touching new highs every day. By end of third week the rally was dispersed and life slowly started coming to normalcy. The cautious tenant had to adjust the environment. The affected tenants were assisted by government and private sector. The downtown area is worst affected compared to midtown. The midtown is to gain out of it in future as well. The foreign investors are awaiting stability to come. In this situation the second quarter of this year will represent as aberration and the first quarter will be viewed as real indicators and trends for long term property market in Bangkok. The challenges are ahead for years to come as new projects supply are to put more pressures in property markets. Market of office, industrial economic growth in BangkokIn retail sector the market sentiments for the first quarter this year have remained almost stable. New supply in rentals are limited in the first quarter as around 7900 sqm came from community mall located on Sukhumwit Soi 26. The future development will be in the form of shopping malls located outside of the centre. Proliferation of convenience stores in every Soi is expected. The office market is driven by industrial and general economic growth as the demand comes from business process outsourcing, supply chain management and regional headquarters. The service sector depends on the government stimulus for its development, and Board of Investment of the country has to play the role. The serviced apartment market has seen a continuous fall. The occupancy rate was around 65-70%. New supply is going to add more pressure to this. Drop in tourism; drop in expat numbers seeking work permits in Thailand has affected the sector
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Real Estate and Property Ownership in Thailand

The territory of Thailand lies in the heart of Southeast Asia, covering the area of 511,771 sq km that is divided into seventy six provinces. It has maximum dimensions of around 2,500 kilometers north to south and 1,250 kilometers east to west, with a coastline of approximately 1,840 kilometers on the Gulf of Thailand and 865 kilometers along the Indian Ocean. Thailand is divided into four natural regions. These regions are the North, the Central Plain or Chao Phraya River Basin, the Northeast or the Korat Plateau and the South or Southern Peninsula.

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Live and Stay in Bangkok with Affordable Real Estate

Among the most popular destinations in Asia is Thailand. The tourist trend in this country has matched the thriving popularity of Thailand’s attractions. With Bangkok as its capital, the country has become the major entry point for millions of tourists every year. Another reason why foreigners flock this city is because it is an interesting place to visit because of its natural sceneries and modern attractions. This urban landscape is adorned with cultural sites such as Thai temples and historic statues. Modern architecture mixed with tradition is what makes Bangkok a magical place for everybody to enjoy.

Where should I stay while on Vacation in Bangkok?

The brilliant mood of Bangkok is strongly attracting more and more people. If you are planning to stay in this fun filled city then you need to find an accommodation that can satisfy your vacation. Staying in this great city for a small time period may require you to check in a hotel. On the other hand if you stay here for a week, a month, or more it is advisable that you rent an apartment or condo unit. Staying in these accommodations for longer periods is more practical and comfortable because you can do anything you want in your personal Bangkok space. You can also rent serviced apartments that can equal the services of high class hotels. This way you can save more money and even stay in the city longer.

Vacations in Bangkok are very affordable and cheap

One reason why many foreigners prefer to settle in Bangkok is the fact that accommodation and real estate here is very affordable with international currencies. If ever you feel like investing your money for real estate in a cost effective way then you should consider Bangkok as an option. You may not be allowed to buy land here unless you marry a local but you are free to purchase as many condo units as you want. Buying a condo unit is great deal because you can have a home away from home in a magical city. You do not have to worry about selecting the best one because there are a lot of sellers who are waiting for you to contact them.

Starting small investing in Bangkok Thailand

It is certain that you will be able to earn huge profits if you make a real estate investment in Bangkok. By profit, this means that you are getting the most of what you are investing. A good condo unit or home in the city means that you can enjoy your stay more and longer without spending excessively in lavish hotels and buying food everyday in restaurants. If the apartment, condo, or home that you prefer buying has amenities such as a swimming pool and garden then it will definitely be worth investing for. Furthermore, try choosing real estate that is near or on the city’s major districts. If you want cheaper lands or properties there are many of these for sale in the outskirts of the city. Bangkok is definitely a great place to invest in real estate, build a home, or purchase a condo unit.

We at can help you with your choices.

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Bangkok Real Estate: How to Invest in Property Effectively

Every year millions of tourists visit Bangkok, Thailand. Many of these tourists choose to stay longer while others prefer to come back during their next travel adventures. Why do many foreigners love this nation capital? One of the thousands of reasons why Bangkok is well loved by many is the fact that it is simply vibrant and exotic. Bangkok is a city that is made with a wonderful combination of nature, culture, history, and modernism. There are so much to see and so much to do in any of it major districts.

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Buying Renting Houses in Bangkok

There are different residential types of housing in Bangkok, one being a house. Bangkok houses are homes with their own lot and own space separated from neighbors.  They are very different from apartments, condominiums, and townhouses. If you are considering renting or buying a house, here are few things that you should know. Whether you are buying or renting a Bangkok house, the price is quite expensive compare to other types of property You can find properties along Sukhumvit, Silom , Sathorn, Thong Lo, Ekamai, Phrom Pong, and Bangna-Srinakarin areas. Foreigners cannot purchase a house, or real property; if you own a Thai company, the company can purchase property. It is advisable to consult both International and Thai Lawyers. Continue reading
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