FAQ – Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

Here is a List of Common Questions and Answers

Best Areas to Rent or Buy a Condo?

It may be better to rent for a while and get familiar with the city.  If you are set on purchasing, let our agency help you to determine best options for you.  Here is a quick guide with some links of more popular areas /best-places-live-bangkok/

Should I Rent or Buy?

Options to rent/buy… /rent-buy-property/

Can Foreigners Legally Buy Property Here?

Yes, and the process is very simple. Here is a link /buying-a-condo-in-bangkok-thailand/

What are the Best Ways to Transfer Funds?

This will depend if you are here temporarily or more permanent. For the former, there is MoneyGram, which is probably the cheapest.  If you are more permanently, /best-ways-transfer-currency-us/

Where Can I Find Great Food in Bangkok?

Thailand’s many flavors, and the best street food in the world, along with expat cuisine.. (Create blog entry with links) TripAdvisor :

How do I get a retirement Visa in Thailand?

The steps are fairly easy. You have the option of working with a service or doing it yourself.  If the latter is your choice, here is a link to help you /getting-retirement-visa-thailand/

Why consider a Serviced Apartment?   

If you are first visiting to check out the scene, it is a great option until you truly find out what and where you want to live here.  Here are some considerations /serviced-apartments-bangkok/

Who can Maintain my Property When I’m Gone?

It is common to have your unit taken care of, if you are travelling, or have multiple rental units to manage.  Thaidox’ Bangkok Property Management has been in the real estate industry for more than 12 years providing real estate and property management services.  /property-management-services-bangkok/

How to Find a Good Real Estate Agent?

There are many agents here in Bangkok to help find both rental and investment properties.  We certainly hope you would choose our agency to help in your search!  Here are some considerations in selecting a qualified agency. /good-real-estate-agent/