Best Way to Travel from Bangkok to Cambodia

Getting there is half the fun! Traveling from country to country in Asia can make for a beautiful trip through and across foreign worlds and sketchy borders (/s). Whether you choose to walk, fly, train, bus, car or elephant to Cambodia, it’s an adventure! Cambodia is a country rich in history, wonderful food, ancient culture, and was the center of the kingdom of Khmer in what comprised most of the countries in Southeast Asia including Laos, most of Thailand, Vietnam, and Myanmar. If your in Thailand it makes no sense to not go next door to see your amazing neighbors in Cambodia. Continue reading
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Expat Life Thailand

My life in Thailand after visiting for almost 10 years since 2008, and then living in Thailand full time the past two years, it seemed a good time to share some information and insight. For me, the attraction goes far beyond the sweet smiles and gals, it’s the affordable living, great food options, incredible weather, golf, historical sites, and the overall Buddhist approach toward things.

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Best Places for Expats to Live in Bangkok Thailand

To answer the question of finding the best places to live in Bangkok, it would depend on lifestyle, budget, accessibility.  It might be a good idea to make a shortlist of needs/desires, and consider transportation; do you have a car/motorcycle, would you rely on public transportation?  What is your eating style; are food-courts ok, street-food, nicer cuisine, or perhaps you like to cook? Continue reading
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